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Should I Elope?

Without hesitation when my wedding clients ask me "should I elope," I respond with an over the top "YES." Yes, you should elope. This conversation generally ends with brides telling me, "thanks for making me not feel crazy." There are very legitimate reasons why you should elope. Did you know the most googled term is, "Wedding planning makes me stressed," or that the average wedding in Colorado costs roughly $27,000? Or that there is a direct correlation between how much you spend on a wedding and divorce rate? In fact, the more you dig into the research, the more you'll understand why eloping is a growing trend. 

Now that I've stressed you out with the negatives of having a big wedding, I'll ease the pain with some positives reasons why you should elope:


  • Eloping is one of the most authentic wedding experiences you can have. The intimacy of this day does not compare to that of a big wedding. I know from experience as a wedding photographer, my elopement couples are generally happier with how their wedding day turned out then my clients who have traditional weddings. 

  • You can make it whatever kind of adventure you like! Not having guests (or very few) gives you the ability to do whatever the heck makes the two of you happy! If you're crazy adventurous like me, turn it into a hike, kayaking, or even a safari. If you are more laid back have a picnic at sunset with a scenic view after saying your vows, or have an elegant time in Venice Italy. Which leads me to my next point....

  • YOU CAN GET MARRIED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. You're not limited, and you don't have to feel like you're forcing your family or friends to travel with you. 

  • People can come to your elopement. It's a common misconception that if you elope you can't bring family or friends. Many couples bring their immediate family to the ceremony portion of their elopement!

  • Eloping takes away the wedding stress. So you can't decide whom to invite or not invite from work to your wedding? No problem, elope instead. You're nervous that your cranky aunt won't like your linens? Not a problem issue solved, there are no linens. Don't want to pay for an open bar for your 30 cousins, poof bar gone, and no cousins invited! (or maybe a few!)

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