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Why You Should Elope In Venice, Italy

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Hands down, Venice, Italy, is the most romantic city in the world. If you don't agree with me on this, please feel free to pick up the phone and call me. How do I know? Well, I may have had a first date in Italy, but that's a story for another time (we're getting personal in here). Instead, I'm here to convince you why Venice should be your dream elopement destination. Here are the reasons why you should do a glamorous elopement in Venice, Italy:

It's the City of Love & Romance

If Venice was charming enough to inspire Shakespeare to write multiple stories located there, it's romantic enough for you. It's not entirely clear why it's called the city of love, possibly because it has an undeniable enchantment; however, there are theories that the word Venice is a derivative of an ancient name for love. I don't think you can understand the feeling until you walk the streets and drift through the canals yourself. I think my most considerable regret in life is not spending one or two more days soaking in what Venice had to offer.

It's A Unique Gem

Venice is one of a kind; there is no other place on earth like it. So while it may not offer cliff or mountain views, the sea sunsets, canals, and feel that you're on a city built on water is truly magical. Even the commute to the island of Venice is a unique experience by train.

Gandola Rides are Romantic and Fabulous at Sunset

You may be able to find some gondola rides for 80 euros for a 30-minute gondola ride, however, expect 120 euros for a private trip. Ask for a longer journey- it's worth it. They're especially spectacular during sunset! My favorite part is when the gondoliers sing for you ( if you're lucky!).

The Food Is to Die for, and so is the Wine!

I might be biased; Italian food is, by far, my favorite. However, the seafood, risotto, and gnocchi were all something to write home about. Oh, and did I mention gelato and street crepes? Delicious! A bit of advice: avoid dining at St. Marks Square. Like other large areas that attract tourists, it tends to be overpriced, and you're missing the good stuff the locals love!

The Pictures will Be Perfect.

The Rialto Bridge, gondola rides, bridges over canals, Saint Mark's Basilica, all make for picture-perfect photo opportunities. As a photographer I can tell you that there isn't a wrong spot for photos in Venice, it's a dream! The color palette of Venice, with marble stone, reds, and teal water, is already picture-worthy.

You're Basically Kicking off Your Honeymoon

The rest of Italy is also magical. Start by eloping in Venice, then visit Lake Como, Florance, Rome, and the Almalfi Coast. Make sure you tour the Colosseum, visit the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Vatican, Sistine Chapel, Spanish stairs, and the Arch of Constantine. Italy is packed with so much fascinating history, art, and architecture that it's easy to jam-pack your schedule with things to do. Or you can hop on a yacht and relax too!

It's Sinking (But You're going to be okay)

While 60 Minutes and other news resources have claimed that Venice is sinking, that's partially true. Indeed parts are becoming submerged. The Venice we know now may not be the Venice future generations know in 50 to 100 years. Of course, engineers are coming to the rescue trying to find solutions, and cross your fingers. I hope they do! This is bittersweet, but I think seeing Venice in our life is so important, seeing Venice while eloping would be so meaningful!

Book a Hotel with Romantic Views

The Gritti Palace, Baglioni Hotel Luna, Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Hotel Danieli, and many other hotels have gorgeous views of the Venice Canal. You and your new spouse can comfortably spend your entire day enchanted by Venice and not have to leave. Win-win to me!

It's an Elegant Adventure! Not everyone is into hiking mountain tops and tracking through unchartered territory, and that's okay. Opt for a trip of a lifetime that has class, elegance, but still feels adventurous. Italy has that feel!

Make it Masquerade!

The Venetians are known for their mask because of the Carnevale Festival. You can find them all over northern Italy in small shops and on the street. Find a mask that matches your personality and wear it for a few photos!

Tips for Eloping In Venice:

  • Wear functional shoes, there are no cars in Venice, and you'll still walk quite a bit. Gondola rides are too expensive to utilize all day!

  • Take a "vaporetti," which is like a bus on the water to get around if needed. Not nearly as charming as the gondola's, but it gets the job done.

  • Make sure you book a hotel room with one large bed instead of two small beds shoved together. Trust me; you'll thank me for this detail later.

  • If you're a Catholic, keep Your dress handy, and you can get your marriage blessed by the pope when you visit the Vatican city. Here's more information on how to do that if you're from the United States.

  • Buy Vention glass; they're known for their innovation to the craft! A unique token to commemorate your elopement on the island.

  • Don't go during February (or maybe do?) - Carnevale is a festival taking place in February each year all over northern Italy, and specifically in Venice. Venice will be packed and more expensive during this festival.

  • Go during the offseason, like October. It won't be too hot or too cold. I went in mid-November and was still comfortable to walk around in a dress.

  • Download the app "citymapper" to get around in the larger cities of Italy and know precisely how much your commute will take. It's a lifesaver in Milan and Rome, but it doesn't work in Venice yet (boo!).

Venice may not be the least expensive destination in the world; however, it will be memorable and well worth it. If you're looking for a location that will be romantic and will give you butterflies in your stomach for a lifetime, this is it!

Are you planning an elopement to Venice, Italy? Well, you've come to the right place! I specialize in adventurous elopement photography. Let's set up a time to chat about your dream day. Contact me here.

With Love,

Cassandra Vagher

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