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Where to Elope In Colorado

Updated: Jul 20

Where should you elope in Colorado? There are TONS of options. I handpicked locations that I love that are easily accessible (maybe with a drive) and made epic images. If these don't suit your needs, don't fret I'm always happy to scout out an elopement location that fits your dreams and build an excellent experience!

Crested Butte, Colorado

If you decide to elope in Crested Butte you have to do so in July! The wildflowers are absolutely insane at that time of year, and the landscapes are crazy green. While I recommend having a summer elopement there if you're an avid skier you may pick winter instead. The above photo is from one of my favorite ceremony sites, the Crested Butte Mountain Wedding Garden.

Sapphire Point - Dillion, Colorado

If you're looking for an elopement or intimate wedding location that can host a small group of people without a hike, I love Sapphire Point. This adorable location overlooks Dillion Reservoir, with mountain views, nearby trees, and a short drive to the "beach' of the reservoir. Sunset is EPIC at this location, and I highly recommend scheduling your photos during golden hour at this location. Most of my clients with families joining them appreciate this location because it's just a short drive to Breckenridge, Keystone, Dillion, and Silverthorne is meaning plenty of options for lodging and a nice dinner. If you want to use the location, it has to be reserved for $110. Check out my full guide on how to elope at Sapphire Point.

Lost Gulch Lookout - Boulder, Colorado

I love Lost Gulch Lookout! It's a cool rocky area with a stunning view of the mountains, that pairs well with golden hour. This accessible boulder location is easy to get to with epic mountain views. However, it is busy at sunset, so I highly recommend getting up early (bummer) and opting for a sunrise elopement instead. You'll have the place all to yourself! There are a handful of other locations great for photos as you drive back down the mountain.

Chautauqua Park - Boulder, Colorado

In all reality, you could do Lost Gulch and Chautauqua Park at the same time (I suggest doing both if you do one). The flatirons make this scene instantly recognizable but they're still stunning. This is a highly trafficked trail, so I don't recommend saying your vows here, but do stop for pictures!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Where in the park? EVERYWHERE. Everywhere you turn, you'll see photo opportunity. However, there are designated areas that vows can be exchanged, and a permit is needed. Located an hour and a half northwest of Denver, the national park is a popular tourist location that you could get lost in for days (but don't actually get lost). It has everything from epic mountain tundra views, lakes, forested areas, open valleys, creeks, and more. Permits to exchange vows are $250.

Are you planning to stay the night? There are adorable bed and breakfasts in Estes Park.

Check out Dream Lake in RMNP, The Lost Mirmaid blog lists this as one of the 10 best day hikes near Denver, and I could agree with her more!

The Great Sand Dunes

Colorado is home to the most massive dunes in the United States, spanning over 26 square miles. Like you would assume, it's sandy, but you've never seen a more epic landscape in an unsuspecting place (it doesn't fit in with the rest of Colorado). There's a nearby waterfall that adds the magic. If you choose to elope the Sand Dunes, you'll want to keep in mind the closest lodging is generally an hour away - however you can camp onsite and nearby. I highly suggest getting up before the sun rises for a sunrise photo shoot. No one else will be up, and you'll get epic views. However, wear warm shoes and socks if you do that, even in the summer because the sand gets icy cold!

Maroon Bells

Marron Bells is the most photographed mountain range in Colorado. I highly advise getting there before sunrise for that Alpine glow and no crowds. Permits for Maroon Bells are $200.

Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is a popular location located in Colorado Springs. The red rocks and greenery make it a stunning place. However, you will be fighting tourists and crowds - its a heavily trafficked area. If you plan to have your elopement here, there is plenty of places in Colorado springs for lodging and dinner.

The Paint Mines - Calhan, Colorado

Want to get married on Mars? Some of the landscapes and rock formations at the Paint Mines almost look terrestrial. This incredibly unique landscape is an easy walk from the parking lot but still feels adventurous. It's an hour outside of Colorado Springs, and I do warn there's not a lot around, so bring a snack! (Oh hey, that's me in that picture there!)

Lookout Mountain - Golden Colorado

Lookout Mountain is popular for both elopements and weddings (with at least three venues on the mountain). Sunset can be stellar there, but do keep in mind it is a densely populated area, and we most likely won't be alone. There are multiple parks on the mountain the are all great photo opportunities, usually with just a short five-minute drive in between. Check out my full guide on how to elope at Lookout Mountain.

Lake Molas - Silverton Colorado

Lake Molas lake is surrounded by some very cool mountain ranges! Nestled in Silverton, Colorado, and very close to the San Juan National Forest, it's the perfect place for an adventure elopement or wedding. It also has a nearby scenic view (just a literal minute up the road), and plenty of nearby hiking trails for those wild at heart. If you want to a do a sunrise elopement at the most perfect Lake before a life-changing hike this is where I would start! You can camp at the lake itself or find nearby n accommodation in Silverton or Durango.

Stanely Lake - Westminster, Colorado

The reason I enjoy Stanely Lake is that it's not an overly popular location. It's also not going to be on most other photographer's lists of cool places. It's about 30 minutes out of Denver, offering views of the flatirons in Boulder and excellent sunset views. Winter is my favorite time there, looking super minimalist.

Steamboat Lake State Park in Colorado

Steamboat Lake is a popular recreation and camping spot year-round! I love it because of the 360 panoramic views with Hahn's peak. This destination is popular for fishing, boating, and fishing, but it also makes a gorgeous backdrop for your elopement wedding. The activities at this location consist of light hiking (more of a nature walk), fishing, camping, boating, paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling. You can actually camp there year-round or stay in a private cabin, so it's an epic winter location too!

Andrews Lake - San Juan National Forest

Snowden Peak is just one of the many mountains that surround Andrews Lake in the San Juan National Forest. San Juan is a mountain range known for its distinguishable steep mountains in Colorado. This is a location I suggest for the avid hikers and backpackers. Andrew's Lake is the trailhead for the Crate Lake trail, it's a 9.9-mile hike that takes roughly 5.5 hours. I would suggest having your elopement ceremony at Andrews Lake, then hiking to Crater Lake and camping under the stars for the night! This area is also spotted with gorgeous wildflowers during July.

Ouray, Colorado

If you want a Colorado location that has waterfalls, the Swiss Alps, hiking, and keeping, you're going to want to elope in Ouray, Colorado. This small town is a major attraction in Colorado because of the Million Dollar Highway, the Swiss Alp like mountains, earning the town the name of "The Switzerland of America." The only thing close to town is the waterfalls, otherwise plan your elopement to have long hikes, long jeep rides, and an all-day adventure here!

Lost Lake - Near Buena Vista Colorado

This cute lake with serene mountain views and tons of trees is a 2.6-mile round trip hike. Intimate and not heavily trafficked!

Red Mountain Open Space

About as far north as you can go in Colorado before hitting Wyoming, Red Mountain Open Space has the most western views I can think of. I love the amazing mountain range as well as the grasslands.

Lake Isabelle in India Peaks Wilderness

This is a popular 6.3 roundtrip hike (but not like Colorado Springs Popular) that ends with majestic mountain views with a gorgeous lake. I highly suggest this spot and will be going there with or without you this summer just for the views! It opens June 1st and requires permits for hikers - but it's well worth it.

Didn't see a location you're in love with? This is just a short list of options; Colorado is endless! I scout locations as part of my packages of my clients. Or check out my other guides on places to elope in Washington State, or how to elope in Italy, South Africa, Bali, or Tunisia.

Let's get out there:

Are you not a fan of popular locations? Cool, I'm into it. Here are a few other suggestions I haven't had an elopement at yet or another photoshoot, but I'm happy to experience with you!

Did you know you can self solemnize - meaning you don't need an officiant! In case you do want someone else to sign your marriage license (I totally get it), I'm ordained and can do that for you.

Need more information on eloping? Check out How Eloping Works.

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