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Vietnamese Tea Ceremony - Littleton, Colorado with Ha Mi and Tho

When I had initially started photographing weddings roughly three years ago, I had the goal of being a multicultural wedding photographer. I've always enjoyed observing and partaking traditions I am not accustomed too. My first wedding on my own was a large African Wedding with two different families from the Congo. Then I had multiple Jewish weddings, one that included a variety of worldly traditions, and another that followed Native American practices. I was honored when Ha Mi reached out asked me to photographer her Vietnamese Tea Ceremony to celebrate her engagement.

In Vietnamese tradition, engagements area significant event. The tea party is the first time both families come together, and I mean, the entire extended family. Tho, Ha Mi's fiance, bring's his whole family and multiple trays that are offerings for Ha Mi's family. Ha Mi's family has the option to ask for specific gifts upon request of their daughter, which Tho's family fulfilled. The day of the ceremony, Tho's family lined up outside Ha Mi's parent's house with all of the trays, but they couldn't go in until invited. Tho's uncle and aunt first went to the door and had to offer the bride-to-be's family a shot. After that, the family processed into the house, and the ceremony began.

From there on, I can't explain the entire ceremony since I don't speak Vietnamese. Ha Mi was hidden for the first portion of the event. After she came downstairs and joined Tho formally proposed to her in front of both of their families. The newly engaged couple offered tea to all of their parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. After that, the real party started with the best Vietnamese food I've ever had.

Ha Mi had asked me to capture the majority of the event candidly with a journalistic style. However, we did get to sneak away for some more traditional engagement photos at the park in their neighborhood. You couldn't tell it's their neighboorhood park, right?.

Ha Mi and Tho Congratulations! Thank you for having me. Also, a special shoutout to Doa for referring me! I greatly appreciate it!

Cassandra Vagher Creative LLC is a wedding and elopement photographer based out of Denver, Colorado; however, she is happy to travel anywhere.


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