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Thomas "Detour" Evans Be the Artist Book Trailer

If you've walked around the RiNo art district, you've seen his work! This is Denver's top mural artist Thomas "Detour" Evans. Detour, as us cool kids refer to him, isn't just a mural artist, though. He's an educator, social rights activist, and author (also he's just a great person!). He's spent much of his career creating vibrant art and teaching others how to make it as a fulltime artist. Check out his "Art Tip Tuesday" series on Instagram or Youtube, or even better, pick up his new book Be the Artist.

Be The Artist is an Interactive guide to creating a solid foundation for a lasting art career. Be The Artist not only provides you with tips about how to enter the art world and how to navigate through nuances but also how to become a self-sufficient creative. This book is an everyday companion and is full of insightful information you can use to make decisions based on your specific situation.

Detour has also done work for brands like Netflix, with commissioned portraits of everyone you can think of, from David Letterman to Jay-Z. Detour has also completed street murals in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Tanzania! He's making waves and changing cities with his gorgeous work.

So what the heck does Detour have to do with me, a Colorado Elopement Photographer? Well, nothing to do with elopements, however, I did have the opportunity to make his book trailer! Fulcrum Publishing had me film his live event and art gallery The Five Pointers, at Redline in Denver. The event was sold out each night (WOW), and I got to film twice! Redline dedicated one of the rooms to the game - but guess what! He also had a mural on the exterior of the building.

What's my favorite body of art by Detour? I'm going. Honestly, it's too hard to pick! His murals bring the city of Denver new life and culture, while his Between the Hues captures my imagination since it's so abstract.

One thing is sure, I know why I love his work so much, it's THE COLOR. Detour's use of color is powerful. It's striking. It demands attention. Yet it's inviting and well done. His use of color invigorates your soul. It speaks loudly, and it demands that you feel something. Check out his portrait series called abstract pop, and you'll see what I mean. All of the characters are familiar faces, but they're painted in such a powerful way that it's captivating and moving. You can't help but feel the energy and emotion of each painting.

I'm particularly drawn to colorful work - which is evident if you know mine! I admired Detour's work before I ever met him, and I've grown to respect even more since I've met him. He's been such a great mentor to me since meeting him through Fulcrum. As an artist, I hope I create elopement photography that is just as moving as Detour's paintings. I also hope that I can someday give back and educate other artists as he has! Thank you, Thomas "Detour" Evans, for being you!


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