• Cassandra Vagher

The Best Wedding Poses and Engagement Poses

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

What are the best wedding poses or couples poses?

Are you nervous about your engagement photos or wedding photos? Are you looking for couples poses that are fun and flattering? I compiled 25 of my favorite engagement and wedding poses for you to do during your engagement photo session or at your wedding. Keep in mind, these poses can have tons of variations. They can be changed up by adding a kiss, a laugh, the direction you're both looking, hand placement, and a dozen other things! Use this as a base to tell your photographer (or me) what you're looking for. Some are prompts and others are "hard poses." You should still have a good dose of candid moments captured as well.

1. Running Holding hands -How to Pose

This is one of my favorite poses! Even on the wedding day if the bride's dress permits. This prompt makes an adorable photo that looks effortless and candid. It usually takes two tries to get, "the shot," but it's well worth it. Hold hands with your significant other and run down the street, a trail, or a valley while gazing at each other. It works best when you're not making eye contact with the camera. Those pose also works well with all hight variations because you're not trying to pose each person to look natural and comfortable. Needless to say, it's not a traditional shot, but it's fun and exciting. It's a great way to spice up your wedding photos or engagement photos. This engagement pose is another reason why I suggest couples wear or at least bring "functional shoes" to their session.

2. Walking with Arms Linked - How to Pose

If you're not into running that's fine, link arms or hold hands with your significant other, and have a conversation while walking. This wedding pose works best when you're engaging with one another verse looking at your wedding photographer. Crack a few jokes and make each other smile for a few more good pictures. This image can be done more candidly throughout your wedding day, just remember to focus on one another a bit!

3. Closed Book - How to Pose

The distance between the two objects tells a lot about their relationship. When you get close and turn your hips towards one another snugly that signifies you're lovers, and it shows through the photos! So don't be nervous to press your up against one another. This is one of the most popular wedding poses, and it's best when it feels all touchy and lovely, so remember to GET HANDSY. Your hand placement says a lot about your relationship too. Ment tend to put a hand at their side or in their pocket. Instead put your hands all over each other, especially in this wedding pose. Touch your significant others' arms, lower back, chest, and neck. Sneak a little, butt grab in there for a few smiles if that's your style! Add nose rubs, kisses, or gaze off into the distance together in this pose.

4. Twirl and Dance - How To Pose

If you're wearing a poofy dress show it off with a few spins! I suggest doing a few of these because even with speedy cameras on burst mode it's hard to no get hair in your face or the perfect poof of the dress. When you're done twirling each other around pull your significant other in for a candid kiss!

5. The Piggyback Ride - How to Pose

This engagement pose is great for all couples but especially those with a large height difference. For instance, it's difficult for Sydney to kiss Greg on the check normally since he's a foot taller than her, and if Greg lens in it's not as flattering for him! It's fun and more playful than just staring at the camera. Ad a little spin in for more action.

6. The Booty Scoop - How To Pose

This is one of my favorite engagement and wedding poses of all time. You don't have to scope by the booty, it can be the lower back or lower legs, but of course, the bum area tends to be an easier grip. From this position either kiss, rub noses, or tilt your heads back and laugh!

7. Chin Pull - How to Pose

Curl your index finger up and lead your significant others to chin into a kiss! This always leads to an adorable photo. I like the hand under the kiss because it gives you more context and story than just two bodies pressed up together with lips locked (but that's still a great photo).

8. The Arm Hug

This is a great pose for couples of any height variations. If your partner is significantly taller than you hug on their arm and rest your shoulder on their head (pictured above). If you are roughly the same height, that's fine, you can make it look cute and natural (another variation on the left). You can switch up your hands and how you hug your partner's arm, there is no wrong or right the answer as long as it feels natural to you. This generally works best if you place your shoulder behind your partner and you get in really snug. Notice that shifting your hips towards your partner makes the image look more intimate than if both of you have your hips shifted straight towards the camera.

9. Nose Rub

We do a lot of noses rubbing here! Why? Well, it adds a little bit of anticipation which makes a photo great. While kissing photos are great and necessary, the nose rub makes it look like the moment before you go in for a kiss. Think of the painting "The Creation of Adam" by Michelangelo, with the fingers almost touching with the tiny gap. The anticipation of the action happening is what makes that photo so great. For me, that's the moment before your lips meet.

10. Nose Rub with a Reach

Want to build even more anticipation? Add a little space between your bodies and reach in! This engagement or wedding pose is a great way to show of your figure and add simple bits of variation to your photos.