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SPACE Gallery Wedding Denver, Colorado

Holy smokes! I can't believe I didn't blog one of my favorite 2018 weddings! This was the wedding that I learned that I'm Greek while photographing. Yes, indeed, the uncle of the bride took one look at me during family photos and asked, "are you greek? You look greek!" I told him my heritage was Italian, and his response was, "Your wrong, you're greek." He then proceeded to yell, "EVERYONE, THE PHOTOGRAPHER IS GREEK!" From that moment on, I was treated like family. Oh, and according to my DNA test, yes, he's correct, I'm greek. Now - I know exactly what you're thinking, a classic wedding? Like my big fat greek wedding? And yes - it was that amazing and awesome. I've never seen a dance party shred the floor like this. It was full of dancing, laughter, and some of the most club-like trance music I've ever heard! And to top it off, there was a belly dancer! Instead of walking into the reception, they were carried on a large platform. This party would make you want to be greek! And did I mention the endless amounts of baklava? I'm a complete sucker of baklava. Maggie and Sean had a wedding that little girls dream of. Being an art major, I loved that their venue was SPACE Gallery, in Denver, Colorado. The art gallery had unique paintings and sculptures that made their photos somewhat avant-garde but still minimalist and clean. It is still one of the most minimalist weddings (in a good way) that I've photographed till this day. The closes runner up would be a wedding at the Source Hotel in the spring of 2019. I ended up editing the photos with a film esthetic. Instead of my usual bold and vibrant look, we opted for white whites and golden skin tones. This venue was a blast to photograph in, and I can't wait to photograph another wedding there again! Maggie and Sean opted for a first look - which made so much more time for photos! They used a nearby mural that added some color to their gallery of images. They also left plenty of other time for family photos and romantics, which resulted in a ton of awesome pictures they'll cherish forever! Venue: SPACE Gallery Photographer: Cassandra Vagher Creative LLC

Do you prefer a wedding with this aestehtic? Tons of white space, clean whites, and golden skin tones? Check out this wedding at the Source Hotel also!


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