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Regis University Engagement Photos, Denver Colorado

Updated: May 23, 2020

I love Catholic Church Weddings.

Hear me out.

Not every photographer loves an old fashioned Catholic Church wedding due to their length and setting. However, due to their significance and power, I have a special place in my heart for them. When the church is your community, your family, your friends, and your place of worship, it makes it so much more meaningful. At that point, your church feels like home. I've seen multiple weddings take place at Regis University's St. John Francis Chapel (I've been in a few!) between people that met there, and each has been moving and magical. The love and grace of God are manifested by the couple and their family and friends who join.

There's something magical about getting married to your favorite person in the world at the University you both attended. Especially when it's in the school's chapel that you both worshiped in, and that has brought you together, just like Jennie and Carl.

Jennie and Carl will having a Regis University Wedding in April of 2021. Their original wedding date was set for July, but due to the current circumstances we're having to postpone until a later day - which gives us more time to plan! The couple will be having a large Vietnamese wedding, with a tea ceremony the day prior and the Catholic wedding the following day at St. John Francis Chapel. Proceeding the ceremony they'll be having a giant reception Balistari Winery in Denver.

Jennie and Carl met while Jennie was studying nursing, and Carl was completing his degree in pharmacy. During college, Jennie worked for the university ministry as a Sacristan, and Carl was a violinist for the church choir. Naturally, the St. John Francis Regis Chapel is the perfect place for their wedding ceremony since it's the community that brought them together.

I also attended Regis while Jennie was studying for her bachelor's degree. She's one of the hardest working and kindest people I've ever met. Jennie and I also attended mass together often throughout college, so my entire family knows her from St. John Francis Chapel! Meeting Carl (we both think we didn't meet in college), I instantly knew Jennie had met the perfect pair for herself, equally kind, hard-working, smart, and fun. Their love is contagious, and I can't wait to capture their big day.

Regis University is the perfect spot for engagement photos or a wedding if you and your soon to be spouse both attended school there! It's full of color, iconic architecture (at least to us alum), and it's an arboretum, meaning it has some very unique trees which make for great photos in the quad. Sometimes you can even get a colorful sunset - which makes the campus even more magical!

Tips for engagement photos at the university:

  • Bring a few outfits, it's easy to get changed!

  • Plan for a little longer than an hour if you want photos in the St. John Francis Chapel, they have small groups and other meetings there as well. Try to take your photos during the golden hour and sunset for the best results. If the library was special to you use it!

  • If you were a sports player feel free to snag a photo or two on the fields as well.

  • There is a secret scenic view within five minutes to get epic sunset photos if you want an additional view.

  • If you do choose to have photos taken inside of the chapel I suggest making sure your outfit is church appropriate.

Here's how to plan a perfect Regis University Wedding, inclusive of nearby vendors. Also if you would like to see a complete wedding I've photographed at the university check out this wedding from 2018.

Congrats Jennie and Carl! I can't wait to celebrate your big day!

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