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Reasons to Elope in San Francisco

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Are you looking for a fun, bustling, full of culture destination to tie the knot? Are you a fan of romantic sunsets on the beach, ocean breeze, and warm weather? Then look no further - San Francisco is your place! There are many reasons to elope in San Francisco. The Golden City offers unparalleled natural beauty: whether you like hiking, walking around beautiful forests, or relaxing on the beach with a view to the Pacific Ocean - this city has it all. San Francisco is a great destination to enjoy a stress-free, heart touching wedding experience.

Photos provided by Sandra at Feel Good Travel Blog

Celebrate your love with a view of the most photographed bridge in the world

The Golden Gate Bridge is an impressive background for an elopement wedding. Opened in 1937, The Golden Gate Bridge has been declared one of the modern wonders of the world. There are many ways to cross this 1.7 miles long bridge - you can walk it, cycle it, cruise around it, or even book a breath-taking seaplane tour. In Sausalito, on the other side of the bridge, there is Golden Gate Vista Point where you can enjoy the views of the bridge and the lights of the city. Couples agree, with the Pacific Ocean as your backdrop, San Francisco offers the most iconic natural settings for your elopement wedding.

Enjoy an intimate wedding watching the sun go down in San Francisco Bay Area San Francisco is famous for its incredible sunsets. Is there anything more romantic than expressing your vows to each other watching the sun go down on the beach with a view to the Golden Gate Bridge? If this idea sounds great to you then Baker Beach will be the perfect place for your elopement wedding. This sandy beach is next to the beautiful Golden Gate Park where you can enjoy a long walk or a picnic. Elopement wedding on the beach combines intimacy, romance, and fun, all in one.

Experience forest wedding in a beautiful Presidio Chapel

If your dream is to say 'I do' in a gorgeous forest overlooking the ocean - Presidio Park is an ideal location. This stunning forest in the middle of the city is a former military fort that offers plenty of picnic areas, designated trails, and scenic overlook points to hold a ceremony. The beautiful chapel located in the park creates an enchanting environment for a nature elopement wedding ceremony. Presidio Chapel, built-in 1931, by U.S. Army features high ceilings, arched windows, and a magnificent fresco and is a perfect place for an intimate ceremony.

Wrap your taste buds around some mouth-watering dishes in Fisherman's Wharf and Chinatown One of the reasons to elope in San Francisco is local delicious food. Stay in San Francisco for a few more days after the ceremony to discover San Francisco fabulous food scene. Head to Boudin Cafe and Bakery in Fisherman's Wharf area and try famous San Francisco clam chowder, served in a warm bread bowl. If you fancy something more exotic, Chinatown is a must-visit. I highly recommend China Live to enjoy tasty Chinese delicacies and drinks. If you are in Chinatown, do not forget to visit Golden Gate homemade fortune cookie factory and get some personalized fortune cookies for your friends and family as wedding souvenirs. For those who are looking for more luxurious dining, it will be great to know that San Francisco is home to over 30 Michelin Star restaurants!

Enjoy the ocean breeze and warm weather all year long

On average, there are around 259 sunny days in this beautiful city. Sometimes defined as "The Mediterranean with cold summers" San Francisco is a perfect place for elopement wedding because it’s never too cold or hot. If you plan your wedding in summer, a fresh ocean breeze will function as a natural air conditioner! With warm temperatures throughout the year, San Francisco makes a great city to elope because you can pack light and simply enjoy the sunshine.

San Francisco Marriage Requirements

In the state of California, you can either obtain a Public Marriage License or Confidential Marriage License at the County Clerk's office. Whichever you choose, do not forget to bring your license on your wedding day. At least one witness is required to be present during the ceremony. Also, always make sure to obtain location permission before your wedding - even if it is held on an intimate beach. If you do not want a witness your elopement photographer can sign the document for you!

Dream Elopement Wedding in San Francisco

There is something incredibly magical about exchanging vows in one of the world's most beautiful cities. We can all agree there is no shortage of stunning spots to elope in San Francisco. The city is a cultural hub that offers proximity to the natural beauty of the ocean, forest, parks and hills. There is no doubt, your San Francisco elopement wedding will be an unforgettable memory you will treasure forever.


This blog post was written by guest blogger, Sandra, of Feel Good Travel Blog. If you love travel photography, head to Feel Good Travel Instagram and Pinterest pages where Sandra shares her favorite travel moments around the world. Feel Good Travel blog features travel and wellness tips every week - feel free to contact her any time - she would love to connect with you all!

Have you ever visited San Francisco? I would be delighted to read your comments below of your favorite memories. For more travel stories and ways to spend time in San Francisco, check out my blog post 5 Reasons San Francisco Is The Best City In The World.


Elopement Photographer Cassandra Vagher Creative in San Francisco

I believe that adventure elopements come in all shapes and sizes - and in the great outdoors and in big cities! Your dream elopement should be an experience tailored to your tastes - I mean, that's one of the main reasons you elope after all! If you love big cities, architecture, and mixed culture San Francisco is a great spot for you to tie the knot. Sandra has done a great job of sharing why this city is so magical, and I agree with her every word.

Note: The photos in the collage were provided by Sandra at Feel Good Travel Blog

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