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Places to Elope in Washington State

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Places to Elope in Washington State

So you've decided you want to elope, but where? The US offers so many wonderful places to elope! If you can't decide between ocean beaches and mountains, flower patches, and city skylines, Washington State is the perfect location to elope. With over 3,026 miles of coastline, 64 different mountain ranges, and the beautiful Emerald City, Washington has something for everyone! Here I have listed a few of my favorite elopement locations:

Places to elope in Washington State
Jake and Carissa's first look at Bellevue Botanical Garden in Seattle, Washington

Bellevue Botanical Garden

In the fall of 2018, I took Carissa and Jake's first look at the Bellevue Botanical Garden in Seattle. While this location isn't the most adventurous option, if you're looking for an elegant yet stunning elopement, this is the way to go. The botanical garden is on 53 acres of land - with a traditional Japanese garden, urban meadow, Rhododendron Glen, Fuchsia garden, and more. It looked stunning in the fall, so I can only imagine what the spring and summertime have to offer. After that, enjoy dinner in Seattle proper!

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields Places to elope in Washington State
Photo Courtesy of Zach Taiji on Unsplash

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields are the largest Tulip and Daffodil fields in the United States with over 300 acres! These fields only in bloom for a few weeks out of the year. Mother nature doesn't always give an exact day when the tulips bloom, but if you happen to Elope in late March to early May, you may just be in luck. While walking the fields, make sure to visit Roozen Garden one of the local farms where you can say your vows under the authentic windmill, or on one of there viewing overlooks of the fields. Make sure to buy some bulbs to plant at home as a perfect reminder of your special day. These fields fill up with visitors quickly, so I recommend going on weekdays or early morning if you want to have a private setting. You can check current pricing and bloom schedules here

Rosario Beach, Deception Pass

This location is ideal for anyone who wants to drive up and instantly have views. Rosario Beach is two beach coves that are separated by a field of grass and wildflowers. At the far end of the park is an easy hike that overlooks the ocean and surrounding Islands. This location is close to Widby Island Naval Air Station, so don't be surprised if you have a few fighter jets fly by to congratulate you. Rosario Beach is located on Fidalgo Island and is accessible by either driving over a bridge on highway 20 or taking the Bainbridge Island Ferry.

If you are not someone who gets to ride on Ferry's often, then I recommend taking this route as it is an experience in itself. Drive your car onto the bottom level and then head up to the deck for some warm coffee or tee before exploring the views from the deck. It gets windy on parts of the deck, so if the Bride plans on walking outside and already has her hair done, wear a headscarf, or reinforce it with lots of hairspray. The Ferry departs every 50-55 minutes and takes 35 minutes to cross. You can get the schedule and prices here.

Goldmyer Hot Springs

This hidden gem is home to 3 natural hot springs and one refreshing pool. The drive there included 15 miles of forest roads that are mostly unpaved so make sure your have a reliable car. You will then hike an easy 4.5 miles threw rainforest before ending at the springs. Say your vows overlooking the springs! These springs will make for a perfect "wreck the dress" photo shoot or an intimate first night as a married couple.

Stay at one of the campsites overnight for $5 a night. The Hot Springs and campsites cap the visitors at 20 guests a day, so you are guaranteed to have an intimate setting with little to no passerby. Because of this, make sure to make your reservations ahead of time, they do require two weeks in advance for a guaranteed slot. This location charges $20 per adult and is free to anyone under 17.

Twin Lake Mt. Baker

If a camping elopement is your style, this is the place for you. These two turquoise blue lakes are situated at the bottom of a 6.5-mile hike that gives a perfect view of Mt. Baker. Say you're vows on top of the mountain or overlooking the lake. You can camp anywhere along the lakes or at the top of the hike in the look outstation. If you chose the lookout, try and get there early as it is on a first-come basis. The camping at this location is FREE disbursed camping, so make sure you pack in and pack out as there are no facilities at this location. This location is on the border between Washington and Canada, so pack some cold weather clothes as even in the summer months expect to see snow on the top of the mountains. If you want a winter wonderland and more isolation, this location is open year-round so don't discount the snowier months. I would recommend snowshoes if you do plan on doing the hike in winter. Get there from Mt. Baker Highway then driving 6 miles fs-road 3065; this is an unpaved road, so make sure your car has a hight clearance and off the road ready.

Paradise Mt. Rainer National Park

You could go anywhere in Mt Rainer's 369 square miles of national parks and not be disappointed, but Paradise Reflection Lake is the perfect overlook to the tallest volcano in the contiguous U.S (measuring from base to peak). This moderate 2.75-mile loop leads you to a tranquil lake that perfectly reflects the mountain. During the spring and summer months, this trail is filled with blooming wildflowers, and during the winter, there will be a beautiful blanket of snow, making this a breathtaking location any time of year. If you do go in the colder months, snowshoes will make your trip more enjoyable. And also, remember to check road status as sometimes closures or chain laws go into effect.

Tips for Eloping in Washington

Places to Elope in Washington State
Fog and rain can make some cool photos!

  • This is a State known for rain, and the overcast sky's so no matter what the weather forecast says there is always a chance of rain, bring clear or color coordinating umbrellas just in case and don't let the rain ruin your day, they say its good luck!

  • Pick up your bouquets from Pikes Market. You won't want to miss one of the most iconic places in Washington, but also Pikes Market has some of the most beautiful and inexpensive bouquets ranging from $10-$30. The vendors always change, so don't bother getting a business card show up the morning or day before your wedding and pick out your bouquet most vendors will even custom-make ones of the spot for you.

  • You will need to pick up your license at least three days before your wedding date. Its easies to apply online, and they both go and pick it up with a current I.D. You will need two witnesses to sign your certificate along with officiant.

Are you searching for places to elope? Check out our other posts on places to elope in Colorado, Italy, Bali, South Africa, and more. If you're planning on hiring an Adventure Elopement Photographer, they should help you find your ideal location and plan your day. If you're searching for a photographer, contact me here!

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