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Nikki and Dylan - RiNo Engagement Photos

Updated: May 8, 2020

Everyone once in a while, I find a couple who wants to have their engagement photos captured in the River North Art District (RINO), and I'm all for it! I love the vibrancy, energy, and culture of the ever-changing neighborhood. It's a unique part of town that is capturing our cities history, the now, and our future. I also love that the majority of the street art changes annually through the event Crush Walls, making it always fun and new. The urban setting also said a lot about the couple I photographing, Nikki and Dylan. They're both upbeat, fun-loving professionals from the city, with a strong connection to the changing real estate scene in Denver. Instead of opting for my usual sunset adventure in the mountains, they picked the city life that more accurately depicted their day to day lives. 

Nikki and Dylan were absolute naturals in front of the camera - and also hysterical. Dylan jokingly invited passersby to join their photos, while no one took them up on his offer, it was still hilarious to watch. Nicki, a foodie , brought soft pretzels to share during photos, scoring as the winning photo for their wedding invitations. Despite the silliness, we got down to business, they rocked two outfits, and we came out of the sessions with some fantastic engagement photos! Bright, colorful, vibrant, fun, and two darn cute if you ask me!

Congrats Nikki and Dylan! Thanks for having me as your engagement photographer and I hope you have a fantastic wedding!

I have not tagged the individual artists from each wall. Crush Walls change annually, making the city a walkable art gallery, attracting all kinds of visitors. I have a deep appreciation for Crush Walls, not only because of the art but the mission behind it and how it's shaping Denver. If you're interested and want to learn more about Crush Walls visit their website:

Cassandra Vagher Creative LLC is a wedding and elopement photographer based out of Denver, Colorado; however, she is happy to travel anywhere.

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