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Lookout Mountain Maternity Photos - Golden, Colorado Photographer

Let's begin with: MAN, it feels GOOD to take photos again! My biggest struggle with stay-at-home was not getting to be outdoors at some of my favorite places in colorado for pictures with my awesome clients! Brooke and I were also getting a little nervous because she's so close to her due date, and maternity photos are essential to her. As soon as the coast was clear, I masked up and met them at nearby Lookout Mountain for their maternity shoot.

I've known Brook for probably shy of 10 years now, I photographed her wedding last year, so of course, it was hard not to give her a big old hug. Yet it was great to see her glowing smile! The soon to be momma wasn't extremely comfortable, so we made the photo session short and sweet with a drive-up location, minimal walking, and absolutely no hiking. She decided only to rock one cute dress, so she could get back to being comfy! We got lucky with a cloud day (perfect for photos), and not a ton of people at Lookout Mountain - yay!

Brooke and Nate were particular about where they wanted their photos done - it needed to be easily accessible, close to home because of the situation. Still, it also had to be meaningful to them. We ended up picking the location that they got engaged at! How cute!

Congrats Nate and Brooke! I can't wait to meet your baby!

Tips for Maternity photos in Colorado:

  • Do not wait until the last week of your maternity - you'll either be miserable or turn into newborn photos!

  • Pick a drive-up location for photos; I have a list of drive-up places in Colorado for photos!

  • Ask your photographer if they carry any dresses you can use! However, you're always welcome to wear your own, as Brooke did.

Are you looking for advice before your next photoshoot? I have blogs on places to take photos in Colorado and more! Feel free to check out my other Colorado maternity photos!




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