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Lookout Mountain Maternity Photos Golden Colorado

I am always so appreciative when a couple goes out of their way to have me as their photographer. That's what Mikayla did! Mikayla came in from out of town to have me capture her maternity photos at Lookout Mountain, and I'm so glad she did. The results were gorgeous! The glowing sunset matched the bright mom to be! Mikayla looked stunning pregnant.

Here is some advice I have for maternity photos:

  1. Ask if your photographer supplies dresses (I do!). Maternity dresses are made explicitly for photoshoots and look great!

  2. Find a location that doesn't require you walk/hike far. Now I know some people are very athletic; however, maternity photos look best when you're comfortable!

  3. Have your significant other come along. It doesn't always work out, but if you can have your significant other come together and jump in a few of the photos.

  4. Wear particle shoes. If you're renting a gown or supplying your own, chances are your feet aren't even going to show. Wear something your comfortable moving around in and standing in for a long period.

Are you planning maternity photos? Let's plan out your session; reach out to me here.

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