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Lookout Mountain Engagement Photos, Golden, Colorado

The first time the three of us met at Lookout Moutain for Kelli and Peter's engagement photos we drove into a thick could of fog that looked like a scene from Seattle, Washington. This isn't what you expect for Colorado weather or your engagement photos. However, we made the best of it, and possibly took one of my most favorite photos ever! Peter and Kelli ran down the empty winding mountain road holding hand and laughing. Although their hair and shirts were damp, it felt like something out of a movie and we all loved the results... but no one wants their perfectly done hair and makeup to be entirely ruined during their engagement photos, so of course we came back for a second try a few weeks later. Kelli wanted my signature style mountain shot with a bold and vibrant sunset, so we made sure we got her that! Our second take at photos and clear perfect weather and we got the images she wanted. I'm really glad we did both shoots, even though the weather wasn't ideal the first time it was a fun experience for all three of us, and the one stellar shot of them running made it worth it all alone! Thank you both Kelly and Peter for being such troopers! Last year I also had the opportunity to photograph their amazing wedding at the Chatfield Farm Botanic Gardens. This wedding is one of my all-time favorites! You can see those photos here.


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