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Intimate Wedding in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Why do people have small intimate weddings? Because they're so meaningful to the close people who attend. At large weddings with 250 guests, there's no way the couple can have in-depth conversations with everyone who attends. They may not even be able to do so with 3-4 guests! Intimate weddings lose the "production" feel and focus on what matters most, the commitment the couple is making.

I was so excited when Elizabeth and Cody told me they were going to have a small wedding in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. They weren't going to invite all of their college and high school friends. Instead, they kept it limited to the people closest to them.

They had a brunch style wedding. The ceremony was bright and early, as well as short and sweet (it was also lead by an officiant I know from Regis University!). They had sweet teas and tons of vegan pastries for their guests, who immediately were welcome to start snacking after the ceremony. Elizabeth built plenty of time in for family photos and romantics. Her schedule timed everything out so flawlessly that we were done by noon! I loved that she kept it quaint and that she centered the day around what mattered most - their commitment!

Congrats Elizabeth and Cody!

Here are tips for having a small and intimate wedding ceremony:

  • Don't feel obligated to invite everyone. Cut it down to immediate family, plus the essential extras, and any of the friends that you just cannot live without.

  • If you're looking to trim back on your budget, consider having a brunch wedding instead. Pastries for breakfast are much more affordable than a 3-course meal.

  • Don't feel rushed to take family photos. The beauty of an intimate wedding is it doesn't feel like your guests are waiting for you. You can take as much time as you need to get through your desired family photos, as well as the images of you and your new spouse!

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