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Intimate Couples Lifestyle Photoshoot Denver Colorado

Here's the thing. I don't remember to blog or always have the time to do so. So I realize it's May 6th, 2020, and I'm posting photos from the Holiday season. You're welcome! Christmas in July is early this year! You're also thinking, what the heck? An indoor photoshoot? I know - it's unusual for me since I'm a Mountain Wedding Photographer. However, Alexi and Stephanie are so much fun we just had to squeeze another couple's shoot in after their dreamy engagement photos that we did at Lost Gulch Lookout in Boulder Colorado earlier that year. Check those photos out here. (If you haven't feasted your eyes on those photos, you're missing out on some absolute sunset smothered fire, do it now). Alexi and Stephanie - are the funniest couple. They have upbeat personalities, a fun sense of style, and they're just genuinely great to be around. Stephanie works with dogs and nonprofits all day, and Alexi is a "cheese dealer," which is just a bunch of gibberish for " good down to earth people." Having the opportunity to photograph them a second time made my day. Instead of the over the top mountain scene, we did for engagement photos that matched my vibrant photography, we opted for the exact opposite experience this time, with PJ's, daily wear, hot cocoa, books, and snuggles at one of my favorite studios in Denver, Colorado. The Headquarters (the studio we utilized) offered the perfect mix of Urban Outfitters meets a holiday apartment. The pallet of white walls let their personalities pop, and the cozy house like studio let them get snug and intimate with the camera. Which was pretty stinking cool! WOWZA. Although I'm not planning on giving the great outdoors up fort a studio anytime soon, this was a fun change of pace (and a new challenge). Thanks for taking photos with me again, ladies!

Location: The Headquarters by Sunday Night Meets

Photographer: Cassandra Vagher Creative LLC


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