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Ideal Image Lakewood's New Center! Photoshoot and Stock Images

Updated: May 8, 2020

Ideal Image opened a Lakewood location this month and had me join them for laser hair removal and photos of the staff and building! The team was looking for a quick and easy photoshoot that didn't interrupt their service to clients during open hours. So we moved quickly to get everything they needed done. During the photosession I learned about laser hair removal, botox and more! What an educational day!

Here's My Experience with Laser Hair Removal:

I had my armpit hair zapped for the first time! I was beginning to get nervous as I sat on the white dentist like chair. Nurse Lauren passed me two stress balls and reassured me it would only feel like the snap of a rubberband. She zapped me just once to show me and I was pleasintly surprised that the laser didn't hurt much, and the small amount of pain diseapeared within tenths of a second. Within about two minutes we were completely done with everything. Quick and easy!

They said I won't have to shave for the next 6ish weeks before my next appointment. I will be goinging in ever 6-8 weeks over the next 16 months for full treatment. Ideal Image has a lifetime guarantee, which means after you fufill your full treamment, if you ever sprout a few random hairs they will treat the area until it's smooth and hairless again!

75% Off Laser Hair Removal? SAY NO MORE! (But drop my name)

I'm excited to partner with Ideal Image to offer exclusive discounts to my brides (yep you heard me!). Ideal will be offering up to 75% bridal hair remvoal packages this weekend! Plus a bunch of other good stuff. Contact Ideal Image for more information!

Checkout the Photos Here:


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