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How to Have a Perfect Regis Unversity Wedding

Updated: May 23, 2020

Before we get started, I'm going to say there's a bit of bias here when I say Regis University is the Best Colorado Catholic Church for weddings, because I'm an Alum myself! The St John Francis Chapel in Denver is gorgeous, with elegantly crafted wood finishes, huge windows with mountain views, soft natural lighting, and great art. Compared to most Catholic chapels, this one lets in the most light and is excellent for photos without flash. The challenge of getting married at Regis is that you generally only hold the ceremony wedding the Chapel and the reception elsewhere. Here's a complete guide to how to plan and have a perfect wedding at Regis University:

Wedding Ceremony at St. John Francis Chapel

The chapel is always beautiful and well adorned. If you get married near or during the Easter season the chapel will have those decorations up too, and honestly they're stunning! You can add your own flowers to your ceremony and have your florist set them up. Most brides and bridesmaids get ready onsite in the bridal suite in the chapel, and most of the groom and groomsmen get ready in the basement. If you have an extra-large bridal party or next additional time, I suggest getting ready offsite.

Pick Your Reception Venue:

Morningside Manor in Arvada, Colorado

Just about 20 minutes away is the gorgeous, intimate venue Morningside Manor in Arvada. The Victorian house (that's getting some renovations as we speak) accommodates approximately 130 guests. I love this venue because the grounds are well kept, full of green foliage, and they have plenty of activities for your guests. It has both indoor and outdoor space for your guests and plenty of parking! Family owned and operated; you know you're going to have excellent service!

Balistreri Vineyards in Denver, Colorado

If you're a wine snob, the Balistreri Vineyard is a unique location. My favorite part is the wine cellar, which, of course, makes for some exciting photos! The reception hall is beautiful and large, with a large curving staircase and mezzanine, and so is the outdoor area.

Blanc in Denver, Colorado

If you're looking for something that feels more like a photography studio with white walls, painted white brick, some simple greenery, and an overall chic feel, check out the nearby venue Blanc.

Wedding Flowers

Olde Town Flower Shoppe

Hands down the best Florist shop nearby is the Olde Town Flower Shoppe in Arvada. Owner Diandra is a ball of joy and exceptional at her craft. Being a florist is an art form, and Diandra has it perfected. I've worked with Diandra and her partner for both weddings and elopements, and the work is always top-notch. Also, their store is fun to drop in!

Indigo Iris

Down the street from Regis, you'll find Indigo Iris with bright and exciting arrangements. Contact them directly for more information on their wedding packages.

Wedding Cake

Das Meyers Bakery

Morningside Manor owns Das Meyers - so if you go with that venue, it's the obvious choice. Regardless, their cake is some of the most fantastic cake I've ever tasted! (Did I mention their marketing gal is a Regis University Graduate?)

Rheinlander Bakery

Supporting Regis Alum owned and operated businesses for your Regis University Wedding is where it's at! Rheinlander Bakery owner Ed Dimmer is a Regis Graduate himself. Their cakes are also something to write home about.

Get A Wedding Planner

I think this is where couples try to save money, which makes them miserable time. You can't be in two places at once, and your family members probably aren't wedding coordinators themselves. Mallorie of Enchanted Designs makes sure your details are exactly how you envisioned them, she's also a wealth of knowledge and resources when it comes to planning. I highly recommend working with a wedding planner, so things go as planned, and you get to focus on what's important and enjoy your wedding day.

Say Yes The Dress

Nearby Regis University, you'll find A & BE Bridal Shop. You can find any dress you can imagine here - from boho to classical. Visit these ladies 9-12 months before your wedding day to get started. The majority of their gowns range between $1,500 -$3,000, but they also have a more expensive collection of designer gowns.

Plan Your Schedule

Family and Wedding Party Photos

Catholic weddings generally mean tons of family photos! Make sure you get your photographer a list of the essential images. I recommend doing this in the St. John Francis Chapel (or near the statue of Saint Mary, depending on cloud coverage) immediately after the ceremony. The Chapel allows for great natural lighting that will make the photos turn out great. I would give yourself roughly 30 minutes for a family. For the next 30 minutes, take your wedding party photos in the Chapel and the quad.


Romantics refers to the photos of just the two of you! While I highly recommend taking these photos during the golden hour, since it's the best time of day to take pictures, I understand that's not always possible. After your family photos and wedding party photos, spend at least 30 minutes at Regis taking photographs in the quad. Then again, closer to sunset, I suggest taking another 30-minute break from the party to get the sunset photos. There is also a scenic overlook nearby Regis (within a few minutes); it is also another great option!

Become a Movie Star with Your a Wedding Film

While you probably won't end up a famous movie star, you'll feel like one! Wedding films are gaining popularity, especially in the Catholic wedding scene. For traditional weddings, I highly recommend videographer Scott, owner of Eye Candy Productions. Scott has a very clean aesthetic, with true to life and vivid colors, and he's a master of slow-motion video with cinematic movements. I love that his films are a happy balance of fine art and elegance.

Pick Your Personal Assitant/Photographer

I sometimes joke that photographers are your assistant and secondly your photographer. That's because I've done about everything, I've bustled the brides dress, I've cut and served their cake, carried her tissues, lugged around their flowers, and somehow always seem to get put in charge of everyone adhering to the schedule. We end up spending more time with you on your wedding day than anyone else - so a word to the wise - pick photographer you genuinely enjoy as a person. I tell brides to select someone they're comfortable with, a person that can make them smile, communicate with them well, and pick someone whose work you love!

If you're currently in search of a Denver wedding photographer, I would love to chat! Feel free to view my wedding photography packages, a recent Regis University Wedding I photographed, and Regis University engagement photos.

With love,

Cassandra Vagher

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