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How to Elope in the Maldives

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

How to Elope in the Maldives:

So you want to elope in the Maldives! Can you imagine the epic photos with the sunset over the sea and piers? Talk about dreamy and a to die for the experience! While many couples have their honeymoon here, why not just dive in and have your elopement wedding at the location there too? This guide will help you start planning your perfect adventure elopement in the Maldives:

What to Expect in the Maldives

If you are unfamiliar with the Maldives, it's good to know a few of the basics. The Republic of Maldives is an Islamic country. With this in mind, you will not be able to bring alcohol into the country, but resorts are licensed, and drinking on these islands is permitted. It is also important to dress modestly if you happen to take a tour to any of the neighboring islands open for tours or Malé.

There are some 100+ resort islands off the mainland and each with their own rules and regulations. For example, some resorts are child-free; this is important to keep in mind if your wedding guests plan on coming with children.

Probably one of the most important things to be aware of is the price of food and beverage in the resorts. This can be very expensive, and if you can, take an all-inclusive package. This will give you peace of mind as you order that extra sundowner cocktail or dessert after dinner. Inclusive packages may seem pricey, but the Maldives is a once and lifetime opportunity. So, save your pennies beforehand and be sure that you get to indulge while you're there.

You've probably seen over-water bungalows with private pools suspended over the ocean, as you've scrolled through Instagram photos of the Maldives. You'll want to think about whether this is the accommodation style that you prefer or perhaps a garden villa instead. Each has its benefits, but keep in mind that the over-water bungalow isn't necessarily the best option. They can be priced much higher; it's a hike to get to the pier while being crammed in side by side in some resorts. Investigate before splurging, and ensure that you do get the privacy you'll be looking for on this occasion.

The Activities and Sights of the Maldives

When you are on the island, you will most likely stay there your entire trip. The Maldives is not typically your island-hopping destination. And while each island is unique from the next in terms of what they offer, the crystal-clear blue waters and white on white sand is the classic Maldives. These islands are a photographer's paradise and a luxury holidaymaker's dream.

Venturing beyond the resort island will largely depend on the resort location, and what is nearby. If you do this, it will likely be for snorkeling trips, diving, or boat trips. For example, some island resorts provide sunset tours in a traditional boat. If you go at the right time of the year, you might even be able to swim with turtles, whale sharks, manta rays, or dolphins.

If you don't venture beyond the island, the resorts often have great spas to make pools and pool bars. And many of the islands have world-class reefs available right off the beach. The coral reefs are incredible, and if you are a registered diver, don't pass up the opportunity to take a dive trip. Whatever the case, you'll want to be sure that you bring an outstanding quality waterproof camera when packing.

Resorts That Offer Elopement Wedding Packages

As already mentioned, each island offers something entirely different. You'll need to research and possibly contact resorts to understand what each offers in terms of wedding packages. Three resorts to get you exploring further include wedding packages - the Anantara Veli Maldives Resort, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, and Jumeirah Vittaveli.

Getting to the Maldives

Getting there will depend on where you are coming from, but Malé is the mainland and your point of arrival. Visitors are not required to apply for visas before their visit; however, it is always good to double-check before booking. From Malé international airport, the resort with whom you have booked will organize your transfer to the island. This will either be by boat or seaplane. If you are prone to seasickness, you might want to pack some medication just in case.

The best time of the year to visit is between November and April. But at any given time, it can get a little cold in the evenings, so it's a good idea to pack a light sweater. Also, consider that there may be a dress code in the resort you book with. This is an excellent thing to check directly with the resort before traveling so that you are dressed appropriately.

Things to Consider When Eloping In the Maldives

The Maldives is an exceptional destination, and if you are looking to elope to a destination that combines beach and luxury, this certainly ticks the boxes. The Maldives will be a perfect destination to start the next life chapter, together with your other half.

If you are thinking about dream elopement destinations, then you may have considered the Maldives. You'd be right to do so, as this is ceremony and honeymoon all rolled into one. There are several things to consider, but ultimately it doesn't get any dreamier than this.

The first is that weddings in the Maldives are not legally binding. But don't let that put you off. Many couples wed through a civil ceremony at home to complete the legalities before their celebration ceremony in the Maldives.

Now you probably presume that weddings in the Maldives are an expensive affair, but this is not necessarily the case. Many resorts can offer a wedding package for less than $1,000 (do note that is the starting point for packages).

It is essential to factor in that if you plan on eloping to the Maldives, the resort wedding package includes everything. The venue, photographer, flowers, cake, makeup, and reception (well unless you want to pick a different photographer who suits your aesthetic). The cherry on the top of course, is that the wedding also includes the honeymoon. There is no need to budget for honeymoon flights, accommodation, and all that goes with it - because you are already there! All of a sudden, the dream wedding to the Maldives seems like it could be a reality, right?


Today's wonderful post was brought to you by Sharon from My Free Range Family:

I’ll never forget my first trip to the Maldives, and when I was asked by Cassandra to contribute a guest post I was excited to relive it all over again. As I looked back through photos of our holiday, I was reminded of how truly magical it is.

My name is Sharon, and I am from New Zealand, but moved to Dubai with my husband 15 years ago. We have always loved to travel, and marriage and two children later, that hasn’t changed. Any chance we get we’re exploring new destinations. And fortunately, living in the Middle East means we’ve had the opportunity to visit many beautiful places, such as the Maldives.

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