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How to Elope in Bali

Updated: Jan 20, 2021


Bali is alluring to people for many reasons; for some, it's the culture, others the views, and some may even say the yoga! I will agree that the scenes are something to dream of. The people are always eager to lend a helping hand to tourists to ensure you find your way through their gorgeous streets and hills. It's one of the friendlier places to travel to. How about eloping Bali?

Places to Elope in Bali:

There are plenty of places to elope in Bali! Bali has an unlimited amount of beautiful scenery that will have you breathless. Here are just a few examples we love:

Rice Fields Elopement and Monkey Forest Adventure

If you're looking for rice fields as a backdrop for your ceremony or photos, go to Ubud. Some areas are not overcrowded, and you'll enjoy the intimate ceremony without disruptions. The lush green fields are soft on your eyes, and the sound of water flowing gives a sense of calmness and tranquillity as you say your vows and promise your endless love to your soon-to-be spouse. The Ubud Monkey Forest is a sanctuary and natural habitat of the local monkeys, with jungle-like views, Indonesian culture, it will be an adventurous highlight of your day. The Pyramids of Chi, which are also located in Ubud, is quite a magical cultural and healing experience, from yoga, guided meditation, and much more.

Bali Beach Elopement Ceremony

Picture waves softly crashing by your feet and feeling the fresh ocean breeze. The Nusa Dua area would be ideal for a beach ceremony. Go early in the morning just as the sun is rising for some extraordinary golden hour photos, tourists only go later in the day, so you will most likely have the beach all to yourself.

Blue Lagoon Beach is definitely among one of my top favorite beaches! As well as being beautiful, it's a lovely spot for snorkeling. The water is a bright turquoise color, which is perfect in person and your wedding photographs.

Plan Your Transit

It's relatively easy to rent a scooter, and it's super easy on your budget! Some places provide a helmet as well. You need a motorcycle license to drive one of these. You have to be extremely vigilant when driving with a scooter – the island is jam-packed with them, and you need to be careful. When you're using a scooter, get a clip-on holder for your phone to navigate easily with maps, it makes a significant difference! (And it's a lot safer)

There are taxis that you can use for transport as well. If it's your wedding day, I'd suggest taking a taxi. This way you're comfortable the entire time and still looking fresh!

The Food is Delicious and Cheap

The cost of food is super low. Yay, perfect for your budget! You'll pay around $5 - $10 for a filling and delicious meal. Sometimes it's even cheaper! The food markets are amazing and a must-try! The smells of freshly made food will make your taste buds sing as you seek a restaurant.

Be mindful of what you eat because "Bali belly" is a thing. If you're having doubts, skip it. Don't feel pressured to try anything, stick to what feels comfortable. Yet don't hesitate to try a few new things, you won't regret it!

Locavore in Ubud is a fabulous fine dining restaurant - you won't regret it. It's the perfect place to celebrate. It is a bit expensive in comparison to most of the meals you'll eat, but it is worth every cent – you get served over ten unique and delicious meals with excellent cocktail pairings for each dish.

It's a Multiday Adventure

There are so many places to see and villas across the island that you can rent out. Just imagine waking up in soft sheets next to your significant other and hearing the birds sing as you make a steamy cup of coffee while looking out over a lush green forest. You can also travel to nearby islands for a change of view. There are many\activities like the Bali Swings, rice field terraces, beautiful beaches, temples, volcanos, and the list goes on… where you can have fun and be adventurous with your spouse.

Laws About Eloping In Bali

It would be better to do the ceremony in Bali and register your marriage in your home country. Many companies officiate weddings in Bali so you will be able to do that; however, you may need a translator, and there is some paperwork. I recommend doing the paperwork portion at home and making it legal there and then saying your vows in Bali. This doesn't take away from the meaning, but it does make it easier for you!

Wedding Attire in Bali for the Climate

If you're going for the white wedding dress and suit and tie look, I'd suggest making it as light and breathable as possible. The humidity is insane! It's still bearable, so don't stress too much, but wearing something light and flowy will make the day a lot more comfortable. Cause who wants to be sweaty on their big day? It tends to rain a lot between October to April (their wet season), so keep in mind and keep an eye on what the weather will be like on your day. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't go during that time; some rain shots would look amazing!

Tips For Eloping In Bali:

- When going to temples, make sure that your shoulders and ankles are covered.

- Keep a reusable water bottle with you, trust me – this is probably the best tip I can give you!

- When using a scooter for transport, be vigilant. There are no "rules of the road," but it goes that whoever has the front of their scooter in first, has the right of way. Please don't panic, driving in Bali gets easier with time!

- Pack light and airy clothes, it's humid and hot.

- Don't get too set on an itinerary. Take it day by day.

- The best way to explore is to drive around, see a place that you like, walk around and explore; you'll find amazing little shops and restaurants! Just make sure you're not walking into someone's home, as the buildings can be confusing.

- Don't pack too much. You can buy anything there! They have a bunch of markets full of souvenirs and beautiful clothing pieces. Try to negotiate the price a bit if it is possible.

- Some temples/palaces have shows at night; I'd highly recommend going to one of these!

I hope this information helps you plan your wedding! Please reach out if you have other questions! Are you looking for an adventure elopement photographer for Bali? I'd be happy to help you plan your special day! Check out my adventure elopement photography packages. Are you ready to hit go on your adventure? Sweet! Let's hang out over a Zoom call with me, and the wonderful Travel Agent, Jenn Hunter, of Soul Trek to start planning your elopement wedding!

Does Bali seem like a dream to you but isn't your cup of tea? No worries check out these other places to elope! Consider eloping in Italy or elope in Colorado!


This blog post was guest written by Cassandra Vagher Creative LLC's photo editor and assistant Carlien Coetzee. Carlien lives in South Africa and is an avid world traveler - that's actually how we met, traveling Italy! Since 2018 she has been studying photography and photo editing under Cassandra. Cassandra is an adventure elopement photographer based out of Denver, Colorado, USA. #adventureelopement #destinationwedding

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