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How To Elope At Lookout Mountain in Golden Colorado

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

If you're looking for a convenient place to elope in Colorado, Lookout mountain is at the top of the list. It's roughly a 30-minute drive from Denver, yet it offers mountain views, forested areas, and magnificent sunsets. Located in Golden, it's just a few minutes away from great dining, lodging, and great activities. While I usually focus on adventure elopements, I understand that it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Eloping near at Lookout Mountain gives you the option of mountain views, while still having the opportunities for some elegant experiences nearby. Here's how to plan an elopement at Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado:

If you're looking for a full guide, here's another blog on how eloping works.

Elopement Ceremony Spots at Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain Park and Windy Saddle Park

At 7,377 -feet, you can't go wrong with these views! Both Lookout Mountain Park and Windy Saddle Park have some epic spots for mountain sunsets. There are dozens of great places to say your vows. You can have scenic views or forested areas. I recommend sticking around for photos at either sunrise or sunset because it's truly something special. You can learn more about the history of Lookout Mountain here.

Boettcher Mansion Gazebo

The Boettcher Mansion is a popular wedding venue right across the street from a major overlook. If you want a cute gazebo to exchange your vows at there is one on the mansion's property. It's $150 to rent it any day of the week and includes two hours of time (one hour for your ceremony and an hour for setup and cleaning).

Pick Your Officiant - Or Don't Have One!

The biggest pro to eloping in Denver is you can Self-Solemnize! That means you no officiant or witness. If you don't want to spend money on an officiant, then don't! If you're on the fence, pick a photographer that's ordained (like me!). However, some folks think it's more meaningful to have a pastor, friend, family member, or an ordained minister lead there ceremony.

Pickup Your Marriage License

It's easy in Colorado. It's $30, you both need your ID/Passport, your Social Security numbers, and you have to return it within 35 days. You can get it at any county clerks office. However, due to circumstances, you should be able to get it online instead.

Plan Your Dinner

Check Out the Local's Favorite Chart House

A short 10-minute drive away from lookout Mountain is everyone's favorite elegant Chart House in Genesee. They have self proclaim that they have the "best seafood in Golden, Genesee, and Denver areas," and from what I've heard, that's true!

Pack a Picnic

I'm a sucker for picnics! And Lookout mountain is one of my favorite places to have have a picnic because of the easy hike and views. Order out from a restaurant, prep it yourself, or have a private chef do it for you!

Palace Arms at the Brown Palace Hotel

If you're looking for a fine dining experience, head back to Denver, and settle in at Palace Arms at the Brown Palace. The "four-diamond fine dining" is a luxurious experience that you both love. The Napoleon atmosphere will make you feel like you're dining with royals - or maybe you are the royals!

Elopement Activities

If you're the outdoorsy type and looking for a small adventure their are great hiking trails nearby, including Red Rocks and Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Both are also excellent opportunities for photography in addition to what you take at Lookout mountain. If you're feeling extraordinarily adventurous and adrenaline-filled, take a look at the Clear Creek Whitewater Kayaking Park, and maybe bring a change of clothes for this!

Wedding Transportation

If you're staying in the Denver Metro area, you can always drive (renting a car if you're from out of town), but you can also consider having a private driver to chauffeur for the day. If a party bus is perfectly acceptable at a wedding, why not have a private driver for your elopement on the town? Or Uber, but a 1961 Rolls Royce would be much cuter in your pictures! Of course, if it's not in the budget, you can always skip that detail!

Tons of Lodging

Even if you're from in town, it may be fun to stay somewhere else just for the experience. I've included hotels for every elopement budget, but I do prefer what Denver has to offer!

Golden Hotels

The Dove Inn is an adorable victorian style building in Golden, Co. It's somewhere between a hotel stay and bed in breakfast in its charm.

Denver Hotels

If you're opting for a more glam experience in the Denver Metro area, my absolute favorite hotel is The Source Hotel in the heart of the River North Art District (RiNo). The Source Hotel is one of the newest hotels in the city, with the most hipster and chic vives you can find. Also, check out the Crawford Hotel at historic and newly remodeled Denver Union Station, the Art Hotel, and the historic Brown Palace.

Bed and Breakfasts

Capital Hill Mansion is downtown Denver, yet it has lovely historic charm! Check out this adorable bed and breakfast located near the museum district.

Eloping at lookout Mountain is convenient, fun, affordable, or you can make it as elegant of a day as you want. If you're looking for more adventure, check out these other places to elope in Colorado. If you're looking for a similar location but more rooted in the mountains of Colorado, check out eloping at Sapphire Point.

Are you looking for an elopement photographer? Cassandra Vagher Creative specializes in Colorado Mountain Weddings and adventure elopements. Here's an example of what an elopement photography package would cost you.

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