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How to Plan an Adventure Elopement At Sapphire Point

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Sapphire Point Elopement
Sapphire Point Elopement

So you've looked around, and you think you want an adventure elopement at Sapphire Point Overlook in Dillion, Colorado. That's a good choice, whether you're from Colorado or traveling from out of town. Sapphire Point is a beautiful ceremony location, the municipality is easy to work with, and you're right in the middle of all the fun. If you're in search of adventure, the Summit County area has that! I've created a detailed guide of how to plan your elopement at Saphire Point, with nearby florists, activities, food, and lodging. Here's everything you need for the perfect Colorado mountain adventure elopement:

Reserve your Date

If you're seat on Sapphire Point being your elopement wedding ceremony, then great, here's what you need to do! Go ahead and reserve the spot on your desired date. Sapphire Point has to be reserved for a ceremony, but don't worry; it totals to be $120 for a two-hour event. You can have up to 35 people at your ceremony (in case you're planning on bringing any family or friends). Note that other people are allowed to walk through the area during your service, it is not exclusive, but you will be the only couple allowed to use it at that time. You can find out more information about Sapphire Point here.

What time of day should you have your ceremony? Consider the fact that you don't have to do it during the golden hour (the hour after sunrises, or the hour before it rises)—instead, reserve golden hour for the most epic portraits of the day. Pick your ceremony for when it's convenient for you, and you can plan your adventure around it. Most couples do a first look and then do their wedding ceremony. You can wear your dress around all day, or change in it and back out for the remainder of the day. Depending on your activities, you may not want to wear your dress the entire time (and that 100% okay).

Pick a Hotel

If your schedule allows, I recommend making this a weekend adventure (because why the heck not?). Eliminating driving home at night or driving up to your elopement at Sapphire Point takes away the stress. I-70 does have the tendency to be unpredictable at times, so staying the night before and evening of fixes that problem. There is a wide variety of Airbnb's and hotels to stay in at Keystone, Breckenridge, Dillion, and Silverthorne; you should have no issue finding something that fits your needs. I do suggest something with a hot tub!

If you decide to drive up the day of your elopement, give yourself an extra hour. You have no idea how bad that traffic can get if you're from out of town.

Use These Florists

Using a florist located near your mountain elopement destination is your best bet. That way, your flowers don't have to make the trek from Denver to Silverthorn or sit there overnight. Here are a few florists local to the Dillion and Silverthorn area.

Pots and Petals

Lindsay Rader owns Pots and petals, based in the center of Silverthorne, Colorado. Her current minimum is $400, with bouquets ranging from $165-$300. Their boutonnieres start at $11, and floral haloes begin at $45. I'm a sucker for a floral halo!

Garden of Eden

Carla, the owner of the Garden of Eden Flowers & Gifts in Frisco, knows what's up. She offers a "Just You & Me" package for elopements. It includes a bridal bouquet and boutonniere. The starting price on this is $250, so it's excellent for your budget!

Wedding Cake

If you want a wedding cake, check out a few of the great mom and pop shops. I also advise grabbing your cake closer to your final destination, so transit isn't a hassle.

Mom's Baking Co.

Mom's Baking Co. Out of Breckenridge doesn't have their own website, but they do offer wedding cakes! Support small business and get an economically smart cake. You can learn more about them here.

Clint's Bakery

If you're on the minimalist side and you want a small cake that tastes amazing, go with Clint's Bakery based out of Breckenridge. They take orders up to 48 hours in advance, but they do not do weddings - so remember, just basic cakes or cupcakes!

Find Local Hair and Makeup

If you're having an early morning elopement, either sunrise or before noon, you'll want a local hair and makeup artist. That way it's convenient for both of you, and you do not have to pay travel fees. Check out Huxley Rose, biased out of Breckenridge, for your wedding day hair.

Hire Your Adventure Elopement Photographer

I'm pretty sure this is part of the blog post when I say, "Pick me!" However, picking your photographer is going to be extremely personal. You're spending the entire day with this hired third wheel, so you better pick someone you enjoy. Other criteria should be the following: You love their photography, they have knowledge of your area or are willing to scout beforehand, they help you plan, and they're down to join you on your epic adventure. Interview your photographer beforehand, and make sure they have excellent communication skills.

Hire Your Adventure Elopement Videographer

I don't recommend hiring one person to do both photography and videography even though we may be skilled at both. If you do, you'll end up feeling like you don't have enough of both, whether it's an elopement or a wedding. My top pick for a Colorado adventure elopement videographer is Whitney Milton. She has an Avante Garde, and wild style, which makes her films as adrenaline-packed as your day! Also - she's just genuinely sweet!

Sapphire Point Elopement
Sapphire Point Elopement

Pick Your Aventures and Book them in Advance


The trail at Sapphire point is not large at all, so I recommend picking a different hike. There are plenty of options to chose from, have your adventure elopement photographer help you pick a hike with the best views.

Horseback Riding:

Are you looking for cinematic photos that feel like you're in a western? If you're up for the adventure, there are multiple stables located in Summit County. Check out the Keystone Stables and Gorge Range Outfitters.

Paddle Board and Boats:

Adventure Paddle Tours offers an all-day paddleboard rental for $150. This insanely large paddleboard steps up to 6 people. So you can both safely sit/stand on it for some fun and intimate photos on Dillion Reservoir. Boating on Lake Dillion is also an option; you can find rentals for sailboats, kayaks, and canoes here.

Dog Sledding

I'm partial to this because I have a husky, but how cute would photos be with you and your new spouse being pulled by a sled of dogs? High Country Activities offers dog sled tours in Frisco, Dillion, and Silverthorne.

Jeep Tours or ATV Adventure

If you don't have a Jeep or ATV of your own, but you want the High Countries Activities offers guided tours. If you own a Jeep, better yet, let's go by ourselves!

Snowboarding and Skiing

Saying your vows and Sapphire Point gives you easy access to Keystone, Breckenridge, and Arapahoe Basin Ski resorts. Strap on your board and take your photographer with you!


There are plenty of hiking trails that opt for good snowshoeing trails during the winter, or you can always opt for the groomed trails from the Breckenridge Nordick Center.

Plan Your Vows and Order Vow Books

I say this because many couples end up with their vows written on a piece of blank paper that gets crumpled in their pockets. There aren't as many keepsakes for an elopement as there are from a large wedding, so I recommend couples get a cute little leather-bound vow book they can preserve forever. Here is a customizable pair of vow books on Etsy.

If you're planning a winter elopement, check out this blog post for more practical tips! I Sapphire Point Lookout isn't your cup of tea, check out these other places to elope in Colorado.

Are you wondering how much elopement photography costs? Take a look at my adventure elopement photography packages here. Have fun planning and have a wonderful wedding! Best, Cassandra Vagher

Colorado Mountain Wedding and Adventure Elopement Photographer

Sapphire Point Elopement

Adina and Jarod tied the knot with an elopement at Sapphire Point. They had a few family members join them for a very brief ceremony. Adina purchased a paper flower bouquet off Etsy and rocked an adorable backless 20's themed dress from David's Bridal. They kept the elopement short and sweet at the lookout and then went and partied with their closest family and friends at an AirBNB in Dillion aftwards. Congrats Adina and Jarod!

Sapphire Point Elopement

Sapphire Point Elopement
Sapphire Point Elopement

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