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Do you tip your wedding photographer?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

You've planned your big day, budgeted everything, and it's approaching. You realize you have no idea what to tip your wedding photographer and other vendors. Do you even tip your wedding photographer?

You're never expected to tip your wedding photographers or their assistants. However, if you do choose to do so, it is much appreciated! Tipping for wedding photographers is common when they offered excellent service and went above and beyond your expectations.

So say you do decide to tip your photographers, how much is reasonable? Anywhere between $50 to $200 is a wonderful gesture. If they have assistants or associate photographers, $50 to $100 per person also appropriate; keep in mind that this is entirely optional, so you are 100% okay to make the tip fit your budget. Lead photographers will generally split or give all of the tips to their assistants and associates. Any amount is much appreciated. Do not feel required to tip 15% or 20% of the entire bill. (Yes, clients really do ask if that's how much they need to tip.) For your higher-priced vendors, do not do a percentage of the total bill. Keep that to your makeup artists, bakery, and any smaller vendors. Tipping 20% to large vendors is a quick way to burn through your wedding budget.

Keep in mind, photographers are usually the only vendor that is actually by your side the entire day. If you have one that goes above and beyond, maybe that's a good reason to tip! If they're showing you how to bustle your dress, pin your boutonniere, cut your cake, and fold your pocket squares, you know you had someone who cared by your side. More often than not, photographers are doing much more than photographing your wedding. True story, I was once recruited to cut and serve the wedding cake. Stuff happens!

If you decide to give your vendors a gift instead of a tip, that is also appropriate!


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