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Diversity Statement

Photography Gives People A Voice.

If a picture can be worth 1000 words, then the absence of pictures means stories lost, and voices go unheard. Failing to photograph minority groups is silencing the marginalized. Photography is an art that expresses complex ideas, emotions, and documents critical social issues. Photography gives all people a voice, and everyone should have an equal opportunity to express themselves through pictures.

While I specialize in photographing couples, I want to allow everyone to celebrate their culture, traditions, religion, heritage, race, and sexuality. I believe that sharing images of these differences are a powerful way to educate others and celebrate diversity.

Showcasing Love in all Forms.

I am committed to showcasing what love looks like in all shapes, sizes, creeds, and colors. I will never omit sharing my clients' images on social media or my blog because of their gender, color, religion, body type, or sexuality (unless they request so). This is for four reasons:

  1. All people are welcome here, and I want the imagery I put out to the world to reflect that.

  2. I want you to find clients in my portfolio that represent you - models don't do that.

  3. Weddings aren't only for white couples. I am on a mission to make the wedding industry feel more inclusive and diverse. I want to challenge the wedding industry to be better.

  4. I want everyone to feel beautiful and special. It's as simple as that.

Rooted in Diversity.

My commitment to inclusiveness began before my photography career. In college, I was a part of the infinity groups such as the Asian Student Alliance, and I supported all of the groups, including the Black Student Alliance and Hispanic Student Alliance. I have always been curious about other cultures and traditions, and I have been very involved with Denver minority communities and BIPOC groups.

The friends I made in these groups were some of the first to support my dream and my business. I am deeply appreciative of the support I have been given. I am also very thankful for the opportunities I have been granted, such as photographing weddings from many traditions, cultures, and religions. I choose to use these photos and experiences as an opportunity to educate my audience.

Diversity is not a business plan; it's a lifestyle. These feelings reflect my personal beliefs.

Continuing and developing Inclusivity.

Moving forward, I will look for new ways to continue and to grow my inclusivity practices further. I plan to do this by:

  1. Continuing to share imagery of diverse groups of people, including BIPOC and LGBTQ communities.

  2. I will continue to share educational content on wedding traditions from different cultures and religions to educate my community.

  3. I will seek out and follow other BIPOC and LGBTQ photographers and artists and support them.

  4. I will continue to attend and support diverse cultural groups and events near my community.

  5. I will seek out education from books, and podcasts, from leaders on BIPOC topics to educate myself.

  6. Cassandra Vagher Creative will make donations annually to charities that benefit BIPOC and LGBTQ causes.

With love,

Cassandra Vagher


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