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Colorado Engagement Photo Locations

Updated: Oct 27

1. Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement Photos

Rocky Mountain National Park is by far one of my favorite Colorado locations for engagement photos because of the hundreds of epic backdrops it provides. The above photo is of the hike up to Dream Lake (a two-mile hike) with the epic Hallett Peak in the background. The smaller photo is just a boulder with a great view on the hike! Go during sunset to get insanely good photos, but give yourself about two hours at this location (and bring headlamps). Most of this hike is paved and it's easy, however, I still recommend wearing shoes you can walk in and packing the cute ones for the photos like Aisling did here! Dream Lake is my favorite spot in the park currently, and I'd be happy to take you on a guided engagement tour!

On your way to Dream Lake, you'll pass through Moraine Park which is very easily accessible with no hike required. This location is best during summer or autumn when it's fully lush or changing colors. Morain Park has parking nearby or on the street.

Sprague Lake is another easy to access location that doesn't require any hiking and minimal walking. It's very popular for weddings, so beware, if you're headed there for your engagement photos you'll have crowds, families, and possibly couples saying their vows. It's still worth a few photos though!

If you're looking for more of an adventure hiking session check out Sky Ridge Pond via Glacier Gorge. It's a popular 9.5-mile hike that's fairly difficult. However, it has great views with wildflowers, waterfalls, and is well worth it! If you're looking for optimal scenic views without hiking then check out Trailridge road for your engagement photos. Alpine Ridge Trail, Medicine Bow Curve, Gore Range Overlook, and Trail Ridge Road Summit all have insanely gorgeous views with little effort (just takes a bit of driving!).

Note: This location requires a photography permit and an entrance fee per vehicle.

2. Chautauqua Park Engagement Photos

Chautauqua Park is popular for Boulders' iconic flatirons. Most couples who don't want to hike or travel far for their mountain backdrop choose this location for their Colorado engagement photos. If you do choose to hike for your engagement photo session my favorite trail is the Royal Arch trail that's roughly 4 miles and rated hard. However, it is dog friendly! Most of my clients do not do the hike, instead, they head up to the next engagement photo location Lost Gulch Overlook.

Note: This location has a parking fee and requires a photography permit.

3. Lost Gulch Overlook Engagement Photos

Lost Gulch Overlook is a highly trafficked spot in Boulder, Colorado because it's so easy to access on Flagstaff Mountain. Yet, I wouldn't pass it up for that reason if you like the views because sunsets from this location can be absolutely insane and make the most magical engagement photos you've ever seen!

This location might be easy to access, but it's not easy to walk on. If you have a fear of heights, it may not be the best option for you. I recommend that clients wear hiking shoes for their own safety, you can into something fancier for the photos once you reach the spot for photos.

Note: This location has a parking fee and requires a photography permit.

4. Mount Falcon Park Engagement Photos

Mount Falcon Park is best known for its views of Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It's easy to access, close to Denver and requires some walking, but very minimal to no hiking depending on the view you want. It also offers it's own cool rock formations, so you get more of that Red Rocks vibe.

5. Golden Gate Canyon State Park Engagement Photos

If you're in search of a location near Denver for your engagement photos that have amazing fall colors you're going to want to go to Golden Gate Canyon State Park. This location might not have the easiest to reach or best scenic views, but the aspen forests and color is insanely gorgeous!

There is no one specific location that I think is best in the park, the hiking trails and pull-offs all offer great fall foliage and scenery.

Note: this location does require an entrance fee and a photography permit.

6. Boulder Falls Engagement Photos

Boulder falls is one of the easiest to access waterfalls, and it's also a cool view! It's a 100-yard hike from the trailheads (woohoo!), the drive is the hardest part! Make sure the road is open, it's closed certain days for construction. You can usually start at this location in boulder, and still go to Chautauqua and Lost Gulch on the same night. It makes for a ton of photo backdrops!

7. Lookout Mountain Engagement Photos

There are multiple locations for photos at Lookout Mountain, which makes it a versatile site! Each has unique views of the mountains at sunset, and most of them are drive-up and no hike! However, I still recommend wearing shoes you can walk in because there are both cliffs and rocky terrain depending on the spot. While most of my sessions are full of sunshine and gorgeous sunsets at this location, it can still be very cool on days with stormy weather (pictured on the left). Lookout Mountain is roughly 30 minutes outside of Denver, so it is a heavily trafficked site. Windy Saddle Park and Lookout Mountain Park are two of the more popular photo locations.

8. Breckenridge Engagement Photos

It's too hard to pick one spot in Breckenridge for engagement photos. Between the ski slopes, many hikes, and other locations, if you have an experienced photographer who knows the area there's plenty to choose from. If you're looking to have an adventurous engagement session with hiking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, or skiing this is a great place. Ask me for my favorite snowshoeing spot!

9. Sapphire Point Engagement Photos

Sapphire Point is a lookout over Dillion Reservoir in Summit County. This scenic view requires a little walking for a great view, but as you can see even my maternity clients love it. If you're doing engagement photos here make sure you're at the top of the sapphire point overlook at sunset, but you can head to a few different areas of the lake prior to get a few different views in! This location is great during even session. Even winter is phenomenal!

10. Standley Lake Engagement Photos

I grew up near Standley Lake, located in Westminster, Colorado, and I still love it! I think its beauty is often overlooked since it's boarders two cities, however, it still offers great views of the flatirons, sunsets, beachy vibes depending on the depth of the lake, and it's naturally gorgeous. It offers a variety of backdrops, and it requires just a small amount of hiking from the parking lot to the lake. I particularly love this location during the winter with fresh snow, it will give your engagement photos a nice clean minimalist look,m but still outdoorsy! If you want a few other views to mix Pattridge Open Space or Colorado Hills Open space gives you interesting grasslands as well.

11. The Calhan Paint Mines Engagement Photos

If you want unique western desert vibes for your Colorado engagement photos consider the Paint Mines in Calhan, Colorado. It's known as the "Paint Mines Interpretive Park" it's hidden in the middle of the grass and prairie lands roughly 30 minutes outside of Colorado springs. See the cool rock formations? Those are known as hoodoo and this location is one of three places in the USA that has them! So it really is special! Some portions of the park are more minimalist with all white rocks, and then others are more colorful like the photo above. Bring your favorite boho dress for your engagement shoot, maybe even toss on your favorite adventure hat, it will be cute!

Also, notice I snuck a picture of myself in here for you! Note: Dogs, bikes, and climbing are not allowed at the Paint Mines.

12. Belmar Park Engagement Photos

I was a little shocked at how lovely this park is being smacked dab in the middle of Lakewood! The Belmar Park is generous during the fall, with a reflective lake and colorful trees, making it good for wedding photos, and also excellent for your engagement photos!

13. The Sand Dunes

You're probably going through these photos and starting to realize, "holy cow, Colorado is just a really rad place!" That's true - we have a little bit of everything: mountains, lakes, paint mines, and even the biggest Sand Dunes in the USA! This gem is my overall favorite place in Colorado because it's truly magnificent. It is a giant sandbox, but it has scenic mountain views, desert vibes, and a majestic waterfall. I recommend making this a camping trip since it's a 4-5 hour trip from Denver, but it's worth it for the photos!

Oh, look! Another photo of me while camping (you're welcome!).

Note: This location has a steep photography permit.

14. RiNo Engagement Photos

If you're planning on doing city engagement photos the RiNo (River North) neighborhood is my favorite because it's so vibrant and colorful due to all of the murals! The street murals that cover the buildings change out annually, which makes it special too. My favorite spot to start photos is outside of the Denver Central Market in the alley, which usually has some cool lighting and things as well.

15. Crested Butte Engagement Photos

Crested Butte is one of the prettiest mountain towns in Colorado! Especially during July when the peak of the wildflowers. It's almost impossible for me to give you one specific location in Crested Butte for your engagement photos because everywhere you turn is a perfect photo opportunity. If you're an angler, skier, or snowshoer this a great location for an adventure engagement session.

16. Steamboat Lake State Park Engagement Photos

Sitting at 8,037 feet above sea level, you'll find one of my favorite colorado locations for engagement photos, Steamboat Lake State Park. Steamboat Lake is surrounded by panoramic views that include the well known Hanh's peak. If you're looking for a lovely Colorado engagement photo destination location, Steamboat Lake's fields of gold wildflowers, scenic mountain views, and the 1,055-acre lake make it a beautiful backdrop, and it includes some fun yet mellow adventures in the great outdoors!

Check out this entire guide for eloping in Steamboat Lake State Park (it's honestly just a great guide to the area in general!).

17. Union Station Engagement Photos

If you're looking for a Denver city location with more minimalist architecture and colors then Union Station is the spot. Whether it's indoors or outdoors I love this location because of the creamy pallet, which can create some chic or moody engagement photos. If you want your outfit and style to pop out instead of the background this location is great. Most of my city-dwelling clients love this area. I recommend having your photos done on a weekday so the area isn't as busy!

18. Echo Lake Engagement Photos

Echo Lake and the surrounding area is great during the fall for engagement photos! If you want to start here you can drive up to Mt Evans for sunset (note Mt. Evans is closed for the remainder of 2020 due to COVID). Note: This area requires a photography permit.

19. North Table Mountain Engagement Photos

In Golden, Colorado you'll find North Table Mountain, a cool rock with interesting formations and views. This is is a hike, however, you won't be doing the entire 8.3-mile loop to get to the best parts. While I love this location you do have to be wary of the rattlesnakes, which are very dangerous during the summer and early fall.

20. Evergreen Lake House Engagement Photos

If you love the Evergreen Lake House I suggest doing a cute engagement photo session there during the winter! The lake is frozen and they have ice skating rentals, come on, that would make the cutest Colorado engagement photos! It's great during the summer too, however this site is heavily trafficked by families, bikers, and hikers.

21. The Pumpkin Patch Engagement Photos

There are tons of pumpkin patches all over Colorado, so I won't list them out here. These photos always make me so happy, because they make you feel like you're in a magazine or story! However, learn from my bad experiences and make sure you go before there's a major frost that will ruin and rots the pumpkins. Also, make sure your specific farmer or pumpkin patch allows photos!

22. Clear Creek Engagement Photos

During the fall if you're looking for a cute yet easy-to-access river aesthetic check out Clear Creek in Golden Colorado. The water is generally too deep during the height of summer and full of tubers, but in late September and early October, you can walk along the bank. It is also lined with beautiful trees making it perfect for pops of yellow and orange autumn colors.

23. Golden Historic Park Engagement Photos

The golden historic park is full of cute little would buildings and is a popular location for family and engagement photos. While you won't get an epic view of the mountains or sunset here, it is a cute alternative. Do be wary that this location is very very busy during spring through fall!

23. The Western Slope Engagement Photos

The western slope of Colorado is full of majestic landscapes for the perfect Colorado engagement photos. While everyone thinks this Utah, it's not (okay we're about as close as you can get to Utah). Ask me for full details on locations in Rifle, Palisade, Grand Junction, and Fruita, Colorado. You won't be disappointed!

24. Your Own Private Property

If you or your own family has a property with amazing views use it! This can be as special or even more special than an adventure, plus it saves you money on photography permits!

25. University Engagement Photos

Did you meet attending College? If you did you might want to consider taking engagement photos there! Jenny and Carl met at Regis University in Denver, Colorado and it was important for them to have their engagement photos done there. Some universities may require photography permits.

Photos Provided by Kateri Kramer

26. Are you looking for a hiking engagement session?

If you're wanting alpine and lakes in your photos let me know! Let's plan an adventure session and make it a great memory. Whether it's Silver Dollar Lakes, Square Top Lake Guenalla pass, Golden Bear Peak, Lake Isabelle, or another adventure I'm up for it! Just remember that these sessions will usually take longer than two hours and maybe best around sunrise to avoid crowds, hikers, and no parking!

(Note: The last collage was provided by Kateri Kramer, all other photos in this blog post belong to me!)

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