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Belmar Wedding, Lakewood, Colorado

I'm not entirely sure if spells are allowed when it comes to love, but Leah sure did cast her spell on Rigo! This adorable couple had a Harry Potter themed wedding complete with light-up wands, quidditch glass charms, and hidden symbolism everywhere. The October 19, 2019 wedding had white pumpkins, candles, lanterns, and so many other adorable details that were all handcrafted by Rigo. The couple had requested tons of pictures of just the details since they put so much time and effort into it, and it made the wedding something special! I absolutely loved how much time they put into their decorations and how cohesive everything was.

Leah and Rigo had their ceremony and reception at a small venue in Lakewood; however, for their romantic photos, we spent about an hour at Belmar Park. The fall colors were magical when paired with the reflection on the blue lake. The romantic pictures (the pictures of just the couple) were extra crucial to them, so they built in extra time for them away from the wedding party. I was so thankful they built in the extra time because it made the day truly magical, and they had a few minutes just to soak it in!

You may notice the indoor pictures of the ceremony/reception don't fit my typical editing style, and you're right! Since the couple had a fall/Halloween themed wedding, we opted for a bit of a moodier style. We kept the outdoor romantic colorful because the scene was just too perfect!

Congrats to Leah and Rigo on their marriage! Also, congrats on starting your family! I am so happy for both of you, and I know you'll make great parents.

Cassandra Vagher Creative is a Colorado Wedding Photographer based out of Denver, Colorado, but happy to travel anywhere.

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