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5 Fall Engagement Photo Outfits

Fall Engagement Photo Outfits

Congrats! You have your engagement photos coming up! You're probably trying to figure out the best fall engagement photo outfits, well we have your back! Today I invited fashion blogger Diane of the Fashion Alter to help you put together a few outfits that are in style and make you look great during your fall photo session!

#1 Little Black Dress & Heels

When choosing an elegant or a moody theme for your engagement photos, go for a stunning black dress to set the tone for your photoshoot. A long black dress that flows at the bottom will leave you looking slim and will add a dramatic effect when you swing your dress. Finish off the little black dress with some pointed toe heels for a stylish look.

If you are someone who likes patterns, you can choose to wear something more subtle such as embroidery.

You may already know that embroidery is a pattern or a picture that is stitched onto the fabric. Embroidered dresses can be a good option if you don’t want something as busy as a pattern.

  • You can also go for a lace patterned dress-try larger lace designs to where it will be softer on the eyes

Accessorize with:

  • a black belt (gives you shape and defines your waist)

  • dainty drop/dangle earrings (elevates the look in a simple but elegant way)

Extra Tip:

  • Wear black or nude biker shorts under your dress for extra warmth

#2 Chunky Knit Scarves & Sweaters

For a cozy and casual look, chunky knit sweaters and scarves with rich colors can add a pop to your outfit. On the condition that your photographer likes to bring out colors during the editing process, it will be beautifully captured in your engagement photos. Pair the sweater and scarf with some black skinny jeans and ankle boots for the perfect fall look.

Accessorize with:

  • a blanket scarf with autumn colors (yellow, orange, brown, burgundy red, etc.)

  • pointed toe boots

Extra Tip:

  • You can use the scarf as a prop to wrap around you and your significant other

#3 Leather/Suede Jacket + Blouse & Jeans

Wearing a cute simple blouse paired with jeans will keep a nice balance between fancy and casual. Throw on your favorite leather jacket (can even be a suede material if you are not into leather) and finish off the outfit with a pair of sneakers.

Alternative shoes you can wear:

  • brown or black ankle boots

  • flats or mules

  • heels/pumps

#4 Classic White Tee & Jeans

Whether you are someone who likes to dress for comfort or you are taking engagement photos in an adventurous location, you can wear a casual but cute look. Pair a white tee or even a long sleeve with some jeans. Add a long cardigan for warmth and put on your favorite sneakers.

To add interest to the outfit, add some of your favorite jewelry. You can add two to three small dainty necklaces and layer them on top of each other or you can add one beautiful statement necklace. If you decide to wear rings, try not to put anything on your left hand just so your engagement ring can be shown.

Accessorize with:

  • gold or silver jewelry ( 2-3 small dainty necklaces)

  • Or 1 statement/charm necklace

  • necklace and bracelet combo

#5 Warm Knit Sweaters & Dresses

For a boho-chic look, throw a knit sweater over a dress. Wrap a belt around your waist and tuck your sweater into the belt. Then pull out the sweater halfway so it goes over the belt.

This will separate the two pieces making it look like a sweater and a skirt. However, if you have a skirt you want to wear you can always tuck the sweater into the skirt and pull it out halfway. Want your sweater to roam free? Use a cropped sweater and have it drape over your dress or skirt. For a feminine touch, add some beautiful gold jewelry.

Accessorize with:

  • a wide brim hat

  • chunky heeled boots

Alternatives you can wear:

  • wedges

  • low heels with a strap

Diane is a fashion designer and blogger in Vancouver, Canada. She blogs at where she shares her useful tips on how to choose the best outfits for different occasions, tips and tricks for shopping online and in-store, and a source of endless inspiration for those who are exploring their fashion personality.

You can connect with her on Pinterest.

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Oh hey there! I'm Colorado Engagement Photographer Cassandra Vagher! If you need help planning your engagement photos look no further! I know the best places in Colorado for fall engagement photos, I have a guide for the best poses, and so much more.


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