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4 Reasons For A Photo Booth for Your Wedding

You're on a budget for your big day - and with the last bit you have left over your debating between having a photobooth or splurging a little more on the centerpieces. Which do you pick?

1. Entertain Your Guests During Your Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is spent on your romantic photos or group photos and not with your guests. So your guests, who may or may not know each other, are all awkwardly thrust into a cocktail party with generally nothing to do but drink. A photo booth is one great activity to entertain your guests during downtime. It's a guaranteed hit, and everyone enjoys it!

2. Photobooth Guests Books > Regular Guest Books

A guestbook that includes a 2x6 strip of photos of your loved ones with a sweet note is much more memorable than a book of signatures. Let's be real; you're much more likely to look back at this on an annual basis and remember who all of the people are. We provide guest books with each of our weddings. Filling in the book also keeps your guests entertained.

3. Everyone Leaves With Something Memorable

This one's pretty obvious, you and your guests all walk away with something from your big day that lives on long after! Whether it's digital or print your photo booth pictures are going to be thought about much longer than the extra little decorations or extra $500 you put into food. Consider what's more important and memorable to you and your guests.

4. Your Recieve A Online Gallery

With Cassandra Vagher Creative you recieve all of your photobooth images in an online gallery that you and your guests can easily download! So think of it as double the wedding photos! We use a DSLR camera to take the photos, so they're higher quality than most other business who use an Ipad so that you can print our pictures a bit large as well.

If I haven't convinced you yet check out my photo booth images here.

Cassandra Vagher

Adventure Photographer

Traveling Wedding & Elopement Photographer

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