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4 Drive Up Photo Locations that Feel Adventurous in Colorado

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

I'm extremely adventurous - I mean I've traveled to Europe, Hawaii, and many other places alone... but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be to work with me! Not everyone likes 10-mile hikes - I get it! I've compiled a few drive up locations for your photo session that still incorporate a beautiful view, but they won't leave you gasping for breath because of the hike. Because well, as much as I love adventure and you may too - hiking with a 4-year-old for a photo shoot might not be your idea of a good time.

1. Sapphire Point - Summit County, Colorado

Sapphire Point is the furthest from Denver - but the drive makes up for it! Stunning panoramic views at both sunrise and sunset. It's also stunning during every season.

2. Lookout Mountain - Golden, Colorado

There are two to three locations at Lookout Mountain that have amazing views. I recommend this during late spring and summer months. The terrain friendly during the winter and the picture taking locations become limited. If you choose this destination, I suggest wearing shoes that you can walk in comfortably.

3. Lost Gulch & Chautauqua Park - Boulder, CO

You'll get to extremely different views in a short amount of time if you pick to take photos in the Flagstaff Boulder, CO area. Although this area is busy with locals, college students and tourists, it's a great place to get some spectacular shots. You're going to want to wear hiking friendly shoes at Lost Gulch.

4. Stanely Lake - Arvada/Westminster, CO

I like this location because you get a variety of scenery and it isn't overly popular with photographers. Here we can create a beachy scene, capture the distant mountain ranges, have open grass fields, and a few minimalist shots of just you and the sky.

A note about taking pictures in beautiful places: I respect the outdoors! We do our best during my photo sessions to appreciate nature. During my photo sessions we abide by any park rules, pay for permits if necessary, we don't disturb wildlife, we do NOT lay in flowers for a cool Instagram shot, and we leave places exactly how we found them. I love the wilderness, and although I want to create amazing pictures in these excellent locations, I do so without negative impact on nature. I love to work with clients who have the same respect for life as I do!

These are just a handful of my favorite locations - for a full list of Colorado locations I recommend, set up your session and I'll send you the rest. Permit fees may apply to your site - I'll do the research and work with you to find a setting that fits your dreams and your budget!


Cassandra Vagher

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