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How to Ensure Your Fiancé is Comfortable During Your Engagement Session

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Wohooo, congrats you're newly engaged! While you're incredibly excited about the next steps, like engagement photos, maybe your loving fiancé isn't. Or perhaps you're both terrified - it happens! However, I'd like to let you in on a little secret your engagement session (and wedding photos) shouldn't leave you feeling awkward; it can be a fun experience and activity for both you and your special someone.

I've had men state, "that wasn't bad at all, it was pretty fun," at the end of their engagement sessions. At that point as a photographer I know I nailed it. Not only is that couple going to have amazing photos, but they enjoyed the picture making process - THAT'S HUGE. They came into the engagement shoot reluctant and had come out saying they'd be open to doing it again (ladies imagine your companion saying that).

Here are my secret ingredients to a comfortable and fun couples shoot:

1. It's an Adventure Not Just a Photoshoot

Let's go hiking, on a picnic, day camping, flying a kite - whatever you name it and I'll be your third wheel. I can't stand 100 photos of a couple smiling and looking at a camera - it gets boring, and that's not me. If that's what you're looking for, then quite frankly I'm not your photographer. While I do believe a hand full are necessary I'd instead capture you interacting with one another more naturally. If your focus is on each other and not on the fact I'm taking your picture, you're more likely to show your true colors, smile naturally, and capture some real candid moments that you enjoyed creating. Hiking, enjoying a sunset, or other activities make it more of an experience than an all eyes on me photo session.

2. We'll Play Games

Games or little activities will to take your mind off the camera and create memorable photographs are games and specific activities. I'll have you run together while holding hands, sneak attack tickle each other, tell stories embarrassing stories about one another, play tag, have a snowball fight, and a variety of other secrets to get your natural smiles coming out and to capture some shots that are more "you." While not every method works with every couple, we'll work together to find activities that bring you both to life.

3. "Posed Candids"

A favorite trick of mine is posed candids. Think of me as a director rather than a photographer. I'll set up a scenario and have you act it out, rather than having you sit there and do a forced pose. Acting out a scene makes your imagery look less rigid and much more authentic. Nor do you feel awkward because you're moving as you naturally would.

4. I'll Give You Directions

With all that said, don't worry, I'm still here to guide you. Between the candid moments and activities, I'll have you take those, "smile at the camera shots," for your mom, and I'll help your hand placement, correct your body positioning, down to fixing rigid hands. I'll instruct your man to more delicately swipe your hair back.

5. Get Touchy Feely; It's Ok I Can Handle It

If you're touch-feely people it's ok - do it. If your not, well, we don't have the same love language and it's ok. The secret sauce to an excellent photo is the interaction between the people in it. So get touchy, don't worry about making me feel awkward, we are here to express your love through meaningful photographs. I'll remind you throughout the session to place your hands on each other instead of in your pockets or at your side - little things like that make a huge difference.

7. Prepare Cute Things to Tell Eachother - Or Humorous

Some people are sentimental and love words of affirmation - others aren't. I'm going to rely on you both to know yourselves. So before your session, I'll have you prepare either your favorite things about each other - or your least favorite things about each other (true story). You're going to have some profound emotional moments, or you're going to crack up laughing. Either way, it's better than a photographer asking you to fake those emotions.

8. I'm Going To Use My Secret Weapon

Ok, it's not a secret. If you work with me you're going to want to share three of the same characteristics as me: you're adventurous, you're fun loving, and you have a good sense of humor. When I say a good sense of humor, I mean that of a 14-year-old boy. Yes, I am going to say a few slightly inappropriate phrases during our photo session. Yes, your man will laugh, and you will laugh at him smiling. Win-win scenario. Bam, if my other seven methods didn't capture him at his best, this one always does.

When choosing a photographer to work with it's essential to understand what kind of imagery you desire. If you're bold and courageous, madly in love, and searching for an experience that resembles your wild heart, call me. I offer a variety of editing styles to suit your needs and strive to capture a diverse array of photos for you, so you have plenty of memories to look back on. Together we'll create beautiful images that capture your tale.

Cassandra Vagher

Colorado and Traveling Adventure Photographer

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