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Cassandra Vagher
Photo & Film

I think we all seek two things in life:


Love & Adventure.


My photography reflects both, embodying wild beauty, liveliness, passion, color, and an "awe" factor. If you're bold and courageous, madly in love, and searching for an experience that resembles your wild heart, call me. Together we'll create beautiful images that capture your tale.

Hey! I'm Cassandra! 


I'm a Colorado elopement photographer, oh, and I'm a native! I've had a camera in my hands since I was a small child. I would run around all summer creating fairytale imagery and videos with my friends. Then surprise - I majored in photography at Regis University years later.


Photography is my greatest passion - and specifically capturing two people in love in a beautiful setting. This is my 9th year pursuing my dream career, and I love every minute of it! 

Cassandra Vagher

Get to know me:

  • The Sand Dunes are my favorite place in Colorado!

  • My husky is named Echo! She is three years old. 

  • My dream career is being a traveling wedding and elopement photographer - surprise!

  • My dream wedding location is Santorini, Greece or Yosemite. I mean how do you choose? 

  • I will cry while photographing your wedding. It's guaranteed.

  •  My favorite place in the world is currently Venice, Italy. 

  • I can't count how many flights I took in 2018.


Leave No Trace Partner

There are so many magical places the world has to offer, and we should treat them well so everyone has the opportunity to see them in their best natural state. I practice Leave No Trace and I ask that my clients abide by these principles as well. It's easy to take amazing photos and to still preserve the great outdoors! Starting this year I am committed to being  LNT community partner and making annual donations, that way the can continue educating everyone about ethical outdoor practices. 

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Diversifying the Wedding Industry

I believe I have an impact on the world and making it a better place - even as an adventure elopement photographer! I think my small business can affect the wedding community, the environment, and the world. Right now, an important goal is to help in diversifying the wedding industry. That way, everyone is represented, regardless of skin color, religion, culture, or sexual orientation. Read more about how I plan to change the wedding industry through diversity here. 

  • Do you photograph destination weddings?
    YES! I am happy to chat with you about your destination needs! Also I'm happy to help plan and research for your special day.
  • Do you deliver every photo you take?
    No - and most photographers won't. I currate a special story for you! I remove any test shots, sneezes, awkward faces (unless they're just too funny). I usually provide up to 50 images per hour of photography - but that's going to depend on factors such as hiking, traveling, or other enviromental factors. I do NOT provide raw images, everything that my clients recieve is hand picked and edited!
  • Do you offer custom editing?
    Yes! My editing style varies depending on my clients taste. I do not stick to my brand for my portfolio - I am willing to edit or shoot with a light and airy style, moody, vintage, or my normal bold and vibrant look. I do provide skin retouching services.
  • Are you open to photographying LGBTQ weddings?
    Yes. Yes. Yes . Yes. And Yes. It's my honor to provide you my photography services and make beautiful images for you, regardless of your gender, political affilation, religion, race, opinon on pepsi or coke, favorite food, or any other unnecessary information. I am at your service!
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