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How to Elope

An Adventure Elopement Guide

There are no rules here.

ELOPe how you want.

First things first - there are absolutely no rules here. That's probably half the reason you're planning to elope! There's no one who's going to tell you what you "should do." There's no tradition you need to follow. No one else to please. Just you and your favorite person and whatever adventure you've chosen (and maybe and officiant and photographer). 


The beauty of eloping is you can make it whatever you want. It can be as adventurous or as leisurely as you want. Did I mention you can wear whatever you want? It can follow tradition or you can do something no one else has ever seen before. Either way, I'm here to help support you through planning your dream elopement. 


This elopement guide consists of the following information (click it to navigate to that section or just scroll through):

How To Elope
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What Eloping Means

What Eloping Means

Let's get with the times...

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This isn't your grandma's wedding, so it certainly doesn't have to hold up to her ideals (sorry grandma, love you!). Eloping meant something different historically, and I'm excited to tell you that it isn't a selfish or shameful thing to do. It's quite the opposite. Here's what eloping in 2020 means:

  • Starting your marriage out in the most intimate and meaningful way possible.

  • Creating a wedding day that accurately reflects yourself and your love for one another. 

  • Having an experience a wedding day experience that is big-screen worthy, elopements are what fairytales are made of!

  • Beginning your marriage in a more financially responsible way. Do you know how much the average wedding costs?

Saphire Point Dilllion Colorado How to E

How To Elope:

Places to Elope

Places to Elope
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Your Destination Elopement Can be Anywhere. 

Finding the right place to elope may be the most crucial piece of your puzzle! Picking your elopement location completely dictates how your day is going to go. You have the entire world to pick from! I advise clients not to solely select a destination based on the scenery, think about the activities you want to do, the experiences you want to have, and the memories you'd like to cherish for a lifetime. 

Here's the best part of eloping: you can have your destination elopement anywhere you choose. No one else gets to hold you back from making this an epic experience. Elopements are so unique because they are entirely tailored to you - pick a destination that hosts the adventure you want, with experiences you dream of. 


What kind of experience are you looking for? Beaches? Deserts? Scenic mountain views? There is an elopement experience out there for everyone. I'm happy to help you find the perfect location!

Copy of Mint Green Collage Birthday Pint

Are you beginning your elopement planning journey and need some help? I designed this free elopement workbook to help you and your fiance figure out the location that speaks the most to you both! You can fill it out digitally or print it; there's space for both of you. It covers everything from your elopement and travel budget, what scenery you prefer, weather, seclusion, transportation, activities, transit, and much more! Fill it out together or separately to narrow down to your mutual ideal location. Better yet, send it back over to me and I can help identify what locations across the world fit your dream and your budget!

Places to Elope - Elopement Workbook

How to Elope

places to elope inColorado:

I have created guides for how to elope to many different locations in Colorado. These elopement guides will help you navigate wedding permits, photography permits, the best time of year to elope, the best time of day for your photos, ceremony locations and so much more. These "how to elope" guides for specific locations help you generate elopement ideas and cut down on your time planning (also I help you plan your elopement too!). 


Sapphire Point

Sapphire Point is a beautiful ceremony location, the municipality is easy to work with, and you're right in the middle of all the fun. With nearby ski slopes, Loveland Pass, snowshoeing trails,  great hikes, and plenty of views this makes a great place to have an adventure elopement. 

Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement

Dream Lake

When clients ask for my favorite place to take elopement, wedding, or engagement photos in Colorado, the answer is always Dream Lake. Hallett peak has such a unique shape that's easily identifiable in photos, and the lake itself is so magical that it's a fun place to visit, even over and over again.

Colorado National Monument.jpg

Colorado National Monument

If you're looking for the best place to elope on Colorado's western slope and you're hoping to stick near Grand Junction, you should check out the Colorado National Monument! If you love the desert and canyon aesthetic, this place is magical. 

A few of my favorite places to elope:

DSC03096 retouched.jpg

Epic Adventures

Colorado has some of the best scenic views, hikes, skiing, and adventures. There are hundreds of places to elope in Colorado, from Rocky Mountain National Park, to Sapphire Point, the Sand Dunes, Telluride, Crested Butte, to the Paint Mines.  

Why You Should Elope in Venice Italy Cas

Elegance and Romance

Imagine Gondola rides through the Venice canals, sunset over the sea, climbing the Rialto bridge, getting lost in the alleys, eating gnocchi, drinking the finest wines, and have an elegant and romantic elopement.

Seattle Washington Wedding Botanic Garde

Mountains and Beaches

Tulip fields, Mt. Rainer National Park, hot springs, epic hikes, overcast weather, Washington is the definition of adventure elopement! You can have mountain views and beaches all in the same day, winning!

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Do We Need An Officiant?

Do we need an officiant?

Do you remember when I said there are no rules? Well, I may have exaggerated because there are a few rules. Most states require you to have an officiant and possibly even a witness, so it's essential to check your laws! This law differs from state to state, so I won't pretend to be an expert on all 50.

Did you know your photographer could be an ordained minister? OH HEY THERE! I'm an ordained minister! That means I can photograph your day and sign your marriage license in most states. Keeping your special day small and intimate. Woohoo!

If You're Eloping in Colorado:

However, in the fantastic state of Colorado, you don't need an officiant. You don't even need a witness. It can just be you, your lover, and a majestic mountain view. That doesn't mean you can't have an officiant if you want, plenty of couples still chose to go this route. If you decide to have an officiant, I've had clients hire a public official, a friend, or even a parent. It's your moment, so you have the power to decide who's most important to have beside you. 


If you don't have an officiant you'll still need to pick up your marriage license.  In Colorado it's $30, you'll need your ID or Passport (you don't have to be a Colorado resident). You'll need to sign and date it within 35 days of picking it up! Oh, and you can apply online ahead of time to save time.

Winter Elopement Tips Colorado Cassandra

If You're Eloping Overseas

Great choice! However, things tend to get a little more difficult when it comes to laws and paperwork! If you choose to elope in a different country it's best to do the paperwork at home (either before or after you elope). This way things run smoothly and you don't have to have anything translated. In some countries, you may even have to hire a translator in addition to your officiant! 

Does signing your marriage license on a different day take away from your wedding? I don't believe it does - just look at your license as paperwork. I firmly believe the moment you change vows makes you married - not a document. 

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Elopement Ideas

Elopement Ideas

Elopement Activities and Details

How do you want to celebrate? Watching the sunset while propped up on a cliff enjoying a picnic? Hiking a 14er? Camping under the stars? Snowshoeing to your elopement ceremony location? Wandering the streets of Venice, Italy, and getting lost? What about a Safari in South Africa? What about having your dogs join you? But what about your wedding attire? I'm here to help you gather ideas and inspiration for it all! Check back regularly for new blogs full of elopement ideas, advice, and epic activities.

Snowshoeing elopement skinning elopement

Let's Shred!

I don't know who needs to hear this but winter elopements are a thing! Colorado is a winter wonderland with amazing skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice fishing, ice skating on a lake, snowmobiling and so many other epic winter activities. 

Having dogs at a wedding.jpg

Please bring your dog

If your location permits, please bring your dog to your elopement. I'm a husky mom, I understand that your dog is your family and you want them to be included too! I have a list of tips for involving your pup on your wedding day.

Intimate Winter Wedding Highlands Ranch

Elopement Attire

Do you like big fancy dresses? Me to. Do you also like affordable dresses? Me too. Or do you not like dresses at all? Completely understandable also! Check out my guide to elopement dresses -I have recommendations on every side of the spectrum, from dresses under $1,000 to what we'll call the "Gucci" of elopements. 


How to Write Your Vows

How to Write Your Vows

Your vows are what makes it your wedding day - and this is the only tradition that's carried on through every elopement. This what "seals the deal!" Your elopement ceremony may have an officiant that you let do most of the work for you. However, chances are you'll choose to exchange vows. If you want to write amazing vows that are meaningful and potent, make sure you spend some time on them - and don't do it the night before, like a college essay. Your vows are something you remember and live buy for the rest of your life, so make them special! Also, download my free workbook below for help!

We can't all be Shakespear - nor do we want to be! However, you can still write meaningful and impactful vows for your wedding day no matter how good of a writer you dream yourself to be, or if you're not a person of "many words." I'm here to guide you through this process, so your significant other is stumped (in a positive way) by the depth and passion behind your words - or your comedic romance.

Vow book display.jpg

How To Write Tear Worthy Vows

Free Vow Workbook

Get the Workbook Here
Adveture Photographer

Meet Your Elopement Photographer

Cassandra Vagher Creative Elopement Photographer in Italy Denver Colorado Adventure

I'm Cassandra!

You know that quote, "find joy in the ordinary?" Well, I'm going to tell you right now, that isn't me. I'm all about that razzle-dazzle, about feeling deep and potent emotions, finding adrenaline-pumping adventures, experiencing the unique, standing on the edge of a cliff, and making cinematic memories. My self written mantra is to "live life fully saturated," meaning I want to soak up everything it has to offer. You'll notice my photography takes on a similar form, capturing couples deeply in love in scenic places with epic sunsets, using bright, bold, vivid colors that demand you to feel an emotion. 

I think we all seek two things in life: love and adventure; hence, why I photograph fairytales ( I mean adventure elopements) for a living. If you're bold and courageous, madly in love, and searching for an experience that resembles your wild heart, call me. Together we'll create beautiful images that capture your tale.

Why You Should Elope in Venice Italy Cas

Elopement Vendors

Elopement Vendors

Kateri Kramer is an illustrator and lettering artist that I've worked with for several years now (she also designed my logo!). Kateri designs custom illustrated elopement announcements and commemorative illustrated maps with cute little details representing your epic adventure. Kateri is quiet the adventurist herself - she has snowshoed, hiked, camped, and fished all over Colorado and beyond.  When you book with me you receive $150 off her services.


Speaking of epic elopement locations this picture was taken at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park! Jennifer (on the left) and I bonded over our similar business missions - she's a travel agent focused on life-changing adventure excursions  (not trips to Disneyland). When you book with me you also receive Jennifer's expertise, and she'll book your flights, room, and board, any tours or activities along the way, at no additional cost to you (well I mean you have to pay for the flight, etc.). Jennifer and I currently working on a project together to curate the best adventure elopement experiences for couples in Estes Park, Colorado. Jennifer is the owner of a boutique travel agency Soul Trek. 

Jennifer Hunter and I at Rocky Mountain National Park
Book Your Adventure Elopement
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Plan Your Adventure Elopement


Let's start planning your wedding day! Here's how it works: 

1. You fill out the form on my contact page and tell me all a little bit about yourself so we can schedule a commitment-free hour-long zoom call. During this zoom call, we figure out if we would make a good team!

2. You decide you like me (wohooo!) and want to move forward with booking. I draft you a contract with the package that you've picked and a date!

3. You fill out my Places to Elope Elopement Workbook and send it back to me!

4. I research like crazy and come back to you with 3-4 destinations that fit your desires and budget.  

5. You pick the location and I plan your adventure while my teammate books your flights, hotel, and excursions. 

6. We have the most epic wedding day that exceeds your wildest dreams!

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