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Your dating profile needs a makeover. 

Dating Profile Photos in Denver, Colorado

Taking you from "Debatable to Date-able"


So you're not a marketer nor a full-time model with 100's of pro photos of yourself to share on your profile. Instead, you're most likely an awesome soul having a difficult time matching with like-minded people on Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, or whatever the newest dating app is these days. You're feeling drained and you're not sure whether it's your profile, the quality of the people, or the app it's self that's holding you back from finding love. 

I'm coming at you with some tough love to tell you that there's a huge chance that your profile SUCKS. (but be clear I know you're pretty rad and just not good at this whole dating profile thing). 

But that's okay, because, that's where I come in! Between my marketing mind and photography skills, I know how to create a profile that's going to land matches. Why am I so sure of this? Well, when you book your session ask me about the time I managed to generate five thousand matches on Tinder in three days. Yep, you read that right, I'm an average-looking girl and I was able to attract FIVE THOUSAND men to my Tinder account in 72 hours. (I don't advise doing this, Tinder will block you).  

Start your Dating Profile Revamp here:

While you don't need five thousand matches on dating apps, I'm sure you'd like to increase that count to improve your odds of finding love. Let me help you create imagery that will make your profile stand out in the sea of mediocre singles, help you craft a bio that someone will actually care to read, and market yourself to look like the catch that you truly are. 


Here's how I'm going to make you "Date-able"

Dating profile photos that kick a**

(but still feel like you)

DSC09801 Retouched.jpg

Let's focus on the real you:

I have 0 intention of turning you into something you're not. Instead, I'm here to emphasize the best things about you. Are you a Starwars diehard? Cool, let's let that freak flag fly. Are you super into fitness? Let's show off those glutes you've worked so hard on. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Let's make you look like a pro. Are you really into cats? Let's probably not include the cats (I joke, there's another cat person out there for you). It's okay to show off who you are in your photos. Let's add some personality to match your insanely good looks. 

We're going to create a variety of images

It would probably look really weird or like you're trying too hard if all of your dating profile photos were clearly from the same photoshoot in the same outfit. That's why I give you plenty of time to change and pick a location that has an optimal amount of backdrops to give your photos diversity. That way we have plenty of imagery to work with and choose from! As you can tell, I've done this a time or two (more like a couple thousand). 


I make you look freaking good

Some people might call it hot, or looking like a "tasty snack," whatever you call it, I am here to make you look freaking good. That's why you hired me in the first place, you know I create consistent quality portraits, you're in good hands. You're mom's going to be some amped about your new dating profile photos that she's going to even share them on her Facebook profile and brag (it actually happens).  Need help looking your best? Ask me for help finding the best Denver makeup artists for your photo shoot. 

I'll edit with multiple styles

While I normally edit my photos bright and colorful that may not suite you as a person - and your dating profile doesn't need to match too much. So we'll make sure to get a variety of editing alongside the variety of images. 

Did I mention we'll grab a beer during your shoot? Or coffee! It makes for some great lifestyle type imagery. 


What should your dating profile say?

Dating Profile Bios that excite people

You only have a few characters to express yourself with and wow others

You'll hear people say, "what your profile says doesn't even matter." However that's the furthest thing from the truth. If your pictures don't show potential comment interests this is where you'll need to do it. It's also another way to extend your personality! Your profile copy plays a significant role in how you start your conversations so don't overlook this!

I take really great photos but I don't necessarily write amazing copy. That's why I have teammates who do! Take our Q & A and our team will come up with some witty (or serious) bio information for you that will make others want to message you first. 


So how does this dating profile makeover work?

How to prep for your dating profile photoshoot:

  1. Pamper Yourself ( You deserve it anyway)
    Get your hair done, nails, and have a spa day ahead of time. When you feel good you look good. You also want to make sure you're looking your best.

  2. Dress to Impress
    I always suggest buying a new outfit to make you feel like you're looking fresh. Or at least something that makes you confident. My photoshoots will allow you a few wardrobe changes, so iron a few outfits out ahead of time. If you need a guide for what to wear check out this blog post on engagement outfits (the rules apply here too, and I'm prepping you for your future). It's 100% okay to send me outfit ideas ahead of time. The biggest key is solid colors are usually best.

  3. We'll Start With a Beer (or Coffee)!
    To loosen up we'll make it feel like a casual outing as friends, also usually alcohol can help. This makes a great initial candid photo.

Let's talk Mula!

As much as enjoy helping you look like a GQ or Vogue model for your dating profile, I can't do it fore free. SIGH. Let's be real, these photos could potentially change your life for the best, so they're something you'll want to invest in!

The Photo Date - $500

1.5 Hour shoot

2 Retouched Images

18 Edits

2 Outfit changes

Copy for your profile

Photos delivered a private online gallery

The Go Getter - $850

3 Hour Session

5 Retouched Images

30+ Edited Images

Multiple Outfit Changes

Copy for your profile

Photos delivered a private online gallery

* Studio shoots can be added for $60

Nicole W 3  Cassandra Vagher

Meet Your Dating Profile Photographer

Denver Dating Expert
(so that title might be a stretch)

me in italy-9554.jpg

HELLLO all you "cool Cats and Kittens!" I'm professional photographer, Cassandra Vagher. I specialize in elopements and weddings.... but here I am pitching to you why you should use me as your dating profile photographer. And that's because I basically was the first person I know of doing this in Denver. Oh, and I'm ridiculously good at it. If I had a CV for this it would explain you that I matched with 5,000 men on tinder in three days using my strategy (you don't need that many matches). So while I might not be a "dating expert" I am an expert marketer and photographer, so I know how to make a killer Tinder profile. 


As a past Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder users, I got burnt out trying to find people I deemed "datable" on those apps. It was usually because people didn't know how to present themselves. As a past marketer and professional photographer dating apps come naturally to me, so I can't wait to help you revamp yours. AND YES! I can't wait to here about your success stories later on. Or to photograph your future engagement photos (you see where I'm going with this right?).


At first people thought I was joking when I said I was taking dating profile pictures. But it has turned into a huge success for both me and my clients - with real love stories! HOW EXCITING! 

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