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Let's talk about you:

You're bold, loving, colorful, and optimistic - so of course, you want wedding photos that feel the same way!

You want images that are timeless. 

You want a mixture of candid and posed photos.

You want your photos to embody the love you share for each other. 

You want photos that make you feel the same butterflies you have now again in 30 years. 


Well, hey! It looks like I'm the perfect fit to be your Colorado wedding photographer!

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Why is wedding photography so important?

I'm pretty sure the look on the groom's face in the photo above sums up why wedding photography is so important. If that doesn't I like to think of it like this: Think of your most cherished photos of your parents and grandparents. What are they? Chances are the pictures you love most are their wedding photos. They're looking their best, they're the happiest you've ever seen them, and there's just a certain allure to them that you can't articulate. This is only one of the reasons why wedding photos are so essential to invest in. They're symbolic, meaningful, and they turn into family heirlooms. 

What being a Colorado wedding photographer means to me:

While I might not be a surgeon, ER nurse, and I'll probably never find the cure to a disease, there's still something super special about being a wedding photographer. It's my job to tell your story as beautifully as possible, so you have photos that remind you of how deep your love is for the next 60 years. So that your family has something that accurately depicts you at your happiest moment, an image that they'll cherish for generations. So you have a daily reminder of your promises to one another. I honestly couldn't really imagine myself doing any other job, there is no better job than being a Colorado Wedding Photographer. 

Colorado Wedding Photographer

Let's Create Wedding Magic

You Need a Wedding Photographer Who Can Handle Every Situation. 

Colorado weather is unpredictable. While your photographer can control the rain or snow, some can control what they do with it. Find a photographer who understands both natural lighting and off-camera-flash so they can make magic no matter what the scenario is. 

So you don't want the same old wedding photos that all of your friends have? We direct moments that are fun and memorable - so that way you don't look back and remember how boring the portrait hour was, instead you think of how much fun you had at the moment, and have imagery that tells a wild, fun, and intimate story. 

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Brooke Senior Photos Cassandra Vagher Cr

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I believe we all seek two things in life: Love and adventure. The most epic moments are when those two things intertwine. Love and adventure are why I specialize in mountain wedding and elopement photography.


I live for the intimate moments. The moment when it's silent on a mountain top, the sun just dips behind the horizon, illuminating the sky with a pastel-colored sunset, and you get to gaze at the perfect view with your new spouse. The moment when you say your vows to your new spouse and begin to tear up on a wild riverbank while only your closest family members present. The moment at your wedding when you realize your happily ever after just started and you can't help but smile. On top of think, love is best paired with the great outdoors and adventure.


My goal as your wedding photographer is to create imagery that is an epic representation of your love that will be in style for a lifetime. I think that it should reflect boldness, emotion, and also the butterflies you felt in your stomach when you fell in love - so it should have a fairytale element to it. I mean, this is your happy ever after, so it should look like it too.

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Wedding Planning Resources

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Meet Your

Colorado Wedding Photographer


I'm Cassandra!

cassandra vagher creative colorado weddi

I'm a full-time Colorado Wedding Photographer


This isn't a side hustle, this is my pride and joy. Quite frankly, it's my life. I photograph everything from your giant 400 person weddings to your intimate weddings of 30 people, to your solo adventure elopements. I'm best known for my bold, vibrant, aesthetic, and of course for capturing couples in the great outdoors. 

What you actually need to know about your wedding photographer

While I'd love to tell you more about my favorite craft beers and how much I love spending time at the dog park with my husky, I'd rather get to share that kind of information with you in person. Here's what you really need to know:

  • This is my fulltime job, so you know I'm a professional! 

  • I don't do IPS - meaning the photos I send to you digitally are yours to keep and there are no hidden fees (heck yes). I also give you print release, so you can print your engagement photos a million times and I'm not going to charge you for it. Please do what you want! They are your photos, but I love to get tagged here and there!

  • I have one of my two college degrees in Fine Art photography. Formal training makes a difference.

  • I always have multiple cameras on me, as well as SD cards. As you can tell from the above photo I was using three for that wedding alone!

  • I'm both a Canon and Sony photographer. My favorite focal lengths are 35mm and 135mm, however, I have a multitude of lenses that I use. I also have plenty of backup gear!

  • My normal editing style is bold and vibrant, which fits my personality! However, if you decide you want moody images I'm skilled in that as well. I actually train other photographers on how to edit!

  • I have 9 years of photography experience under my belt - I actually have a degree in fine art photography.

  • I have annual photography permits to Boulder County Open Space and Jefferson County Open Space, meaning if you want to do last-minute engagement photos we're good to go! 

  • I practice Leave No Trace, and I ask that my clients participate as well. We only have one planet, let's protect it, and leave it the way we found it so everyone can enjoy!

You know that quote, "find joy in the ordinary?" Well, I'm going to tell you right now, that isn't me.


I'm all about that razzle-dazzle, about feeling deep and potent emotions, finding adrenaline-pumping adventures, experiencing the unique, standing on the edge of a cliff, dance parties till the wee hours of the night, and making cinematic memories. My self-written mantra is to "live life fully saturated," meaning I want to soak up everything it has to offer. You'll notice my photography takes on a similar form, capturing couples deeply in love in scenic places with epic sunsets, using bright, bold, vivid colors that demand you to feel an emotion. 

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What I believe in

Diversity Statement (1).png

Diversity in the Wedding Industry

It's not a secret. The wedding industry, especially in Colorado has not been inclusive or diverse for years, if not ever. Most bridal magazines, blogs, and the general industry lack representation of not only BIPOC and LGBTQ+ groups, but they also fail to include all body types, cultures, and traditions. I'm on a mission to push the industry to be a more welcoming place. I'm currently doing this through education and promising to share my client's imagery no matter what (well unless the ask me not to of course). You can read about my diversity statement here.

Check out my diversity blog series. This series is aimed at celebrating diverse traditions through education!


Leave No Trace

I love taking amazing photos of my clients in the great outdoors. I believe that we can take amazing photos without negatively impacting the environment. So while I'm dedicated to creating the perfect picture for you on your big day, I'm also conscious of where we're standing, walking, and actively preserving the location. That way no one knows we were ever there and everyone gets the same amazing views we do! I'm a Leave No Trace community partner for 2020, meaning my business donated proceeds to the non-profit, and I'm committed to following there seven principals. I'm also committed to educating my mountain wedding clients on those principals as well!

Brooke Senior Photos Cassandra Vagher Cr

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