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Colorado Engagement Photographer

What Do You Want Your Engagement Photos to Feel Like?


When you look back at your engagement photos what do you want to think and feel? What emotions do you want them to evoke? Do you want your photos to be fun, playful, adventurous while accurately depicting how much you love one another? Chances are you don't want each photo of you looking at the camera smiling, you want some cute intimate moments too! Maybe you want a sense of adventure. How about an epic and magical sunset set to top it all off? Perfect. I've got you covered - I specialize in creating imagery shows off your love boldly. You'll have engagement photos that show off your adventurous personalities and making your heart skip a beat when you see them time and time again. 

Authentic Engagement Photos

Congrats on your engagement! Chances are this is your first time having professional photos taken together! You may be nervous, but don't be. Your engagement photos are actually going to be a fun experience. Even the most reluctant men come out of my sessions saying, "that was actually a good time. I would do that again!" That's because I operate like this:

  • We go on an adventure or a location that's special to you. 

  • You don't just "pose" for photos or smile at the camera, we might do a little of that, but most of the time I'm giving you fun prompts. 

  • I crack some really awkward jokes. 

  • I make it an experience for you, not just a photoshoot. 

Greg and Sydney-00431.jpg
Elope in Seattle.jpg

Places to Take Engagement Photos in Colorado

Colorado is one giant playground! We have some of my favorite scenic mountain views and the coolest recreational activities! They only thing we're missing is the beach - but really our mountains make up for that. I'm a Colorado native, and all of my free time is spent hiking, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and adventuring throughout this awesome state (so I know it pretty well). Let's make your engagement photos a memorable experience with the coolest views! Check out the recommendations for locations I have listed here, but once we book your session I'll be happy to let you know about my other favorite locations or find something special just for you! 

Where are my favorite places to take engagement photos in Colorado? How about Dream Lake at Rocky Mountain National Park, the Paint Mines, and Sapphire Point! Check out these samples below. Also, keep in mind, you're not restricted to these locations, however, most Colorado locations require a photography permit. That means if you have a special place in mind they may have an additional fee to take photos there. I will help guide you through this process (that's my job)!

Dream Lake

Rocky Mountain National Park

One of my favorite places in Rocky Mountain National Park is Dream Lake. It's an easy 1.1-mile hike to epic views of Hallet Pake and Dream Lake. There are other amazing spots along the way! This isn't the only gem in RMNP, there are so many others, like Trail Ridge Road! 

Enagement Photos Flagstaff Mountain Merc
Chautauqua Park

Boulder Locations

If you're looking for multiple scenes that are all drive up and minimal hiking Boulder is the perfect location for your engagement photos. Chautauqua Park, Lost Gulch Lookout, and Boulder Falls are just three of the many great views Boulder, Colorado has to offer. This destination is easy to access year around!

Enagement Photos Lookout Mountain Golden
Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain

This is one of the most popular locations in Colorado due to the fact couples don't have to hike for a great view with an epic sunset, nor do they have to drive further than 30 minutes out of Denver! My favorite time to take engagement photos at Lookout Mountain is during the late spring and summer months when it's lush and full of color.  

paint mines.jpg
The Paint Mines

Calhan Paint Mines

Oh hey! That's me! The Calhan Paint Mines is a very cool landscape located an hour outside of Colorado Springs. It gives you an abstract western feel to your photos. It's also just a fun place to adventure around. While this isn't much of a hike it does require a bit of walking. It's well worth it though for great Colorado engagement photos!

DSC04751-HDR- Retouched.jpg
Sapphire Point

Dillion Resevoir 

Sapphire Point is one of my favorite places to stop and watch the sunset! It's above Dillion Reservoir and provides scenic views of the lake and mountains. The parking lot is nearby, and although the relatively flat trait isn't completely paved this is still a great place for with disabilities to have their photos taken, it's very easy to access and provides some of Colorado's best views. 

Standley Lake

Standley Lake

This location is my gorgeous with a few feet of snow or during the hot summer months! Located in Westminster, Colorado it offers great views of the flatirons off in the distance. It's easy to walk around and makes for a variety of backdrops from grass fields, mountain views, and a little beach on the south side. 

Morrison Locations

Red Rocks and More!

While I love Red Rocks and think it's a great place for your engagement photos, there are also multiple other fantastic locations nearby. Some even have Red Rocks in the background, like Mount Falcon Park! You can do some hiking or you can keep it fairly minimal and drive up to most of these locations. Just make sure there aren't any events at the amphitheater for the best results (or you may be stuck in traffic). 

Nikki and Dylan_0021.jpg
RiNo Art District

Downtown Denver

While I specialize in scenic mountain views with couples, it's always fun to take a couple on an adventure Downton for their Colorado engagement photos. RiNo (River North) is an art district with some insanely talented murals that make great backdrops! The art also changes annually through the Crush Walls organization, so it's kind of cool to know that the art you as your backdrop won't be there forever! Make sure to tag the artists on Instagram and give them credit - they work so hard!

DSC00423 (2).jpg
Golden Gate Canyon

Colorado State Parks

Colorado has 41 gorgeous state parks! They make wonderful backdrops for your engagement photos, some have epic drive-up locations and others have fun hikes with scenic views. Golden Gate Canyon, Eldorado, Steamboat Lake, Rifle Falls, Chatfield, Roxborough, and Cherry Creek are just a few of my favorites! Each park has a different set of rules, so we'll make sure we check with the park ranger before showing up!

Sand Dunes

The Sand Dunes

Let's go camping in the sand dunes for your engagement photos! If you haven't been this random Colorado desert is a must! It's such a cool setting and you've probably never seen anything like it in your life. It's also a great spot for stargazing. Your engagement photos will turn into a fun adventure for the weekend at this location. Go during early spring to see the creek that runs through because of the snowmelt, or during a new moon phase to get views of the milky way!

Snowshoeing elopement skinning elopement
Secret Spots

Hidden Gems

Are you looking for a hidden gem? Something off the beaten path? An unusual but epic place for engagement photos? Or do you want to incorporate it into a snowshoeing session or hike? I've got you covered. Being a Colorado Native and spending my summers and free time adventuring throughout the state I know plenty of hidden gems for your engagement photos. I'm so excited to create an adventure just for the two of you for your Colorado engagement photos!

Your Special Place

A Place With Meaning To You

Maybe you met at school so it's important to take your Engagement photos at your University - that's awesome! If a location has sentimental value to you and you want to use it for your photos there's no better time than your engagement photos. Don't feel like we have to go on an adventure (even though that's fun also). 


How to Pose for Engagement Photos

Don't be nervous! My job is to help guide you through this entire process! That includes posing and prompts to create the best possible photos. I specialize in working with couples - so of course, I know how to pose you to make you both look great, and to give you a wider variety of images. If you're nervous feel free to go through my "how to pose guide" for engagement photos and wedding poses.  This will give you an idea of 25 poses we'll most likely do - however that's just a small taste! There are plenty more!

Engagement Photo Q&A

Colorado engagement photos with dogs.jpg

Can we bring our dog?

HECK YES! Bring your furbaby! I understand that dogs are part of the family, so of course, you want them included in your engagement photos! I have a husky too, I would want here there! The only thing I ask is that you bring a dog handler to help us out during the session, preferably someone who knows your dogs. Let me know in advance that you're bringing them because they're not allowed in places like Rocky Mountain National Park or the Red Mountain Open Space. 


Can we go on a hike for our engagement session?

I am so glad you asked! Hiking engagement photo sessions are my favorite! They give you the ultimate amount of backdrops for your photos while also making it a memorable experience. Where should you go for your engagement photo hike? I highly recommend Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park, however, there are plenty of other great hikes with views. 


How long does a session take?

The length of your session is up to you and the kind of experience you're looking for. About 50% of mine last about an hour and a half to two hours when a couple picks a drive-up location at sunset (I only offer these sessions at that time for optimal lighting. If you want an adventure engagement photo session, they can be as long as we need to complete the specific hike you choose! Just remember to pack headlamps for when we hike back down the trail just after sunset!

Greg and Sydney-01499.jpg

What do we wear?

My first rule is you need to be true to yourself, so wear something that you feel like you look good in, but make sure you feel like you! I highly recommend you wear solid colors and no patterns. Patterns of clothes can distract from the rest of the photo. You're not obligated to coordinate or match, but I'll leave that portion up to you!

Tea Ceremony_0026.jpg

Do you photograph engagement tea ceremonies?

Absolutely! I love getting to partake and celebrate other cultures and traditions. Vietnamese Tea Ceremonies are an absolute blast, learn about what they're like here

Monica and Charity-02046.jpg

Are you LGBTQ+ Friendly?

All people are welcome here, and love is love in every shape and form. While I specialize in photographing couples, I want to allow everyone to celebrate their culture, traditions, religion, heritage, race, and sexuality. I believe that sharing images of these differences are a powerful way to educate others and celebrate diversity. You can read my entire diversity statement here.  

Monica and Charity-01956.jpg

Colorado Engagement Photo Advice

My job is to make your Colorado engagement photos amazing - between both the final images and your entire experience. Part of that is sharing my knowledge with you. The following blogs are resources on how to pose for engagement photos, what to wear to your engagement photos, the perfect locations for photos, and much more. If you need more resources like this for weddings or elopements we have that too! Check out our wedding resources page or how to elope

Aisling and Kyle Dream Lake-00793.jpg

Colorado Engagement Photographer

Cassandra Vagher Creative

I'm Cassandra!

You know that quote, "find joy in the ordinary?" Well, I'm going to tell you right now, that isn't me. I'm all about that razzle-dazzle, about feeling deep and potent emotions, finding adrenaline-pumping adventures, experiencing the unique, standing on the edge of a cliff, and making cinematic memories. My self written mantra is to "live life fully saturated," meaning I want to soak up everything it has to offer. You'll notice my photography takes on a similar form, capturing couples deeply in love in scenic places with epic sunsets, using bright, bold, vivid colors that demand you to feel an emotion. 

I think we all seek two things in life: love and adventure; hence, why I photograph fairytales ( I mean adventure elopements) for a living. If you're bold and courageous, madly in love, and searching for an experience that resembles your wild heart, call me. Together we'll create beautiful images that capture your tale and create the most amazing Colorado engagement photos you can imagine!

While I'd love to tell you more about my favorite craft beers and how much I love spending time at the dog park with my husky, I'd rather get to share that kind of information with you in person. Here's what you really need to know:

  • I'm excited to take you to a beautiful Colorado location you've never seen for your engagement photos so you have a new special place to share for the rest of your lives. 

  • Sunset is my jam, and it's also my favorite time to take engagement photos (or really any photos). It makes for the best lighting, coloration, and views. So expect your session to be in the evening with me!

  • I don't do IPS - meaning the photos I send to you digitally are yours to keep and there are no hidden fees (heck yes). I also give you print release, so you can print your engagement photos a million times and I'm not going to charge you for it. Please do what you want! They are your photos, but I love to get tagged here and there!

  • I specialize in photographing elopements, which is a fancy way of saying that I specialize in posing couples and photographing them and a multitude of lighting scenarios. So you know you're in good hands!

  • I'm both a Canon and Sony photographer. My favorite focal lengths are 35mm and 135mm, however, I have a multitude of lenses that I use. I also have plenty of backup gear!

  • My normal editing style is bold and vibrant, which fits my personality! However, if you decide you want moody images I'm skilled in that as well. I actually train other photographers on how to edit!

  • I have 9 years of photography experience under my belt - I actually have a degree in fine art photography.

  • I have annual photography permits to Boulder County Open Space and Jefferson County Open Space, meaning if you want to do last-minute engagement photos we're good to go! 

  • I practice Leave No Trace, and I ask that my clients participate as well. We only have one planet, let's protect it, and leave it the way we found it so everyone can enjoy!

Let's meet for a craft coffee or beer, or just jump into your engagement shoot!

Enagement Photos Flagstaff Mountain Merc

Cassandra did an amazing job with our engagement photos! Would highly recommend her, we love our photos!

Courtney B.

Our adventure hiking session with Cassandra was so much fun! On top of that our pictures turned out so great!

Aisling B.

Rocky Mountain National Park.jpg

Leave No Trace

I love taking amazing photos of my clients in the great outdoors. I believe that we can take amazing photos without negatively impacting the environment. So while I'm dedicated to creating the perfect picture for you on your big day, I'm also conscious of where we're standing, walking, and actively preserving the location. That way no one knows we were ever there and everyone gets the same amazing views we do! I'm a Leave No Trace community partner for 2020, meaning my business donated proceeds to the non-profit, and I'm committed to following there seven principals. I'm also committed to educating my mountain wedding clients on those principals as well!

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