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Colorado Elopement Photographer

Creating dream-worthy Intimate weddings

You're Looking for Elopement Photography that's as Bold as YOU. 

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You Are Adventurous.

When you think of loosely planned ventures your heart starts beating faster. You live for chasing sunsets, hiking for the best views, and discovering new things. 

Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement

You Are Madly in Love. 

You found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with!

You Are Outdoorsy.

Getting your hands dirty doesn't bother you, it actually makes you feel more alive. Your favorite memories are you in nature soaking up the wild with all of your senses. 

You Are Audacious.

You're the kind of person who showcases courage, confidence, and a bright and vibrant personality.  You're true to yourself and it's evident in everything you do. 

Sounds like you're in the right place?
Let's get planning

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What is an Adventure Elopement?

Elopement VS. Intimate Wedding Vs. Micro Wedding. Vs. Traditional Wedding

Look - we can get into the semantics, but no matter what you want to call your union it's just as important as any other kind of tradition. Elopements can be anything from secretly running away to having 25 of your closest friends or family members by your side. Micro weddings have an average of 50 guests, while traditional weddings sometimes have over 300! My clients generally partake in the more intimate style of weddings, with fewer guests and less structure, but just as much beauty! 

The Changing Definition of Elopement:

Elopement used to mean secretly running away and tying the knot without your parent's approval. That's generally not the case anymore. Some families even encourage elopement, "minimony," or micro weddings. 

As time goes on, traditions change - and couples don't want to spend $35k on a wedding - THAT'S OKAY! Couples who elope have a variety of reasons for doing so, whether it's fiscally responsible, seeking adventure, wanting privacy, or 100 other possibilities. Some of us believe that eloping is the most intimate and intentional way to celebrate your union - and after photographing tons of weddings, I agree. 

Contrary to most beliefs, elopements are well thought out and planned, even those done secretly. Most elopements are all-day events that couples even travel for. The difference from traditional weddings is that elopements are scheduled around experiences the couple can share and cherish forever, rather than entertaining 200 guests. 

Elopement weddings are redefined as intimate, most intentional, and private ceremonies with no rules. They leave behind the fuss and anxiety of a wedding day and leave you with a peaceful, adventurous, and authentic experience. 

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Your elopement should reflect

There are no rules here

That's probably a reason why you want to elope in the first place? Here is 3 reasons why you should elope:


  1. Make Your Dreams Come True
    Okay, so maybe that sounds a little cheesy - but it's true! Eloping allows you to have the wedding of your dreams, and no one is going to be there to tell you that your linens are the wrong color! Instead, you can create your day around your interests, like hiking around Taft point in Yosemite or watching the sunset from a gondola in Venice while snuggled up to your best friend. 


  2. You're not obligated to invite anyone
    Are you worried about hurting your co-worker's feelings? Or does the idea of your aunt knit-picking your wedding make you stressed? That's okay; you don't have to invite them. Eloping gives you the excuse only to ask the people who mean the most to you or no one at all! 


  3. Eloping can be a luxury experience!
    You don't have to have a hiking adventure elopement. Instead, you can make it as classy as you'd like. Just because you're not spending $32k for your wedding doesn't mean it can't be fancy. 

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colorado wedding photographer

How to Elope
A Complete Guide

Is this your first time planning an elopement? This will help you through the process! While you might not be planning a wedding, there's still a lot that goes into dreaming up and coordinating your dream adventure elopement. Here are all the do's and don'ts of eloping in Colorado and beyond! We cover officiants, activities, locations, permits, vow writing, schedules, and other vendors. 

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Need Help writing your vows?

Writing might not be your strong suit - that's okay! However, you still will most likely want to recite something meaningful to your new spouse. I created this step-by-step guide to writing tear-worthy vows! This system will help anyone with writer's block come up with something intentional to say during your elopement wedding!

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Places to Elope WOrkbook

If you're not already set on a destination then this workbook is for you! It's designed to help both you and your partner work out the details - from budgets to ideal views. Want extra help? Fill out this workbook and call me to help you find the ideal location - it may not even be a place you know of! 

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Want To Recieve My Free Resources?

I periodically update my free downloadables, I write a few guides per month, and I send it all out in an email once per blue moon. I'm not going to bombard you with weekly, or even monthly newsletters. Just when I have some awesome new resources for my clients who want elopement or wedding advice. Sign up above!

Elopement Ideas and Planning Resources

Whether you're planning an elopement in the backwoods or an intimate wedding at a cozy venue I'm here to help you. There's no reason to keep all of these years of wedding experiences secret! Alongside my tips and tricks, I also aim to promote diversity in the wedding industry, so you may learn something about another culture that you didn't expect! 

Find Your Dream Elopement Destination

Do you need the inspiration to pick your idea elopement destination? Check out our guides to places like Sapphire Point in Colorado, or dream big with locations like Santorini, Greece! Find iconic places for photo opportunities across the world, epic hikes, romantic activities, and adventure. 


Recent Elopement & Intimate
Wedding Galleries

Bold couples, with wild hearts, making an even bolder statement about their commitment to one another. Check out the weddings we've captured in Allenspark, Grand Lake, Boulder, and more.

Colorado ELopement videographer

Capture Your Intimate wedding in motion.

While most of my clients hire me for elopement photography, I also create wedding films! An elopement video is a wonderful way to capture your sacred day, and a great way to share it with your friends and family! 

Destry Senior Photos Red Rocks Colorado

Meet Your Colorado Elopement Photographer

I have the best job in the world. 

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I'm Cassandra

I think we all seek two things in life: love and adventure. My photography reflects both, embodying wild beauty, liveliness, passion, color, and an "awe" factor.

You know that quote, "find joy in the ordinary?" Well, I'm going to tell you right now, that isn't me. I'm all about that razzle-dazzle, about feeling deep and potent emotions, finding adrenaline-pumping adventures, experiencing the unique, standing on the edge of a cliff, and making cinematic memories. My self written mantra is to "live life fully saturated," meaning I want to soak up everything it has to offer. You'll notice my photography takes on a similar form, capturing couples deeply in love in scenic places with epic sunsets, using bright, bold, vivid colors that demand you to feel an emotion. 

I'm pretty convinced that I have the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD! Creating images that I know my clients will cherish forever, and knowing their families and future generations will adore them for decades gives my life more purpose. Being part of someone's most sentimental moments is an extraordinary privilege. Not to mention getting to hike, snowshoe, snowboard, and join their adventures!

I believe that the experience makes a photo great.


There's a lot that goes into creating a good photo - technical knowledge, quality gear, an artistic eye, lighting, scenery, and editing. However, what makes a photo epic is the memories and experiences associated with it. It should be a reflection of what you felt at that very moment. Looking at it should take you back to that moment and remind you of exactly how you felt. It should be a reminder of your deep love for one another and the commitments you've made. This is what makes a photo great. This is why I love my career as an elopement photographer. 


Check Out What MY Clients Say


Amazing experience! 

Even despite the limitations with COVID we had an amazing experience with our outdoor wedding in the mountains of CO. Our photographer was the BEST! She even helped me navigate the issues with finding a county open to get our marriage license. So thankful for her!


We could not be happier that we chose Cassie to shoot our wedding. She brought such a fun and calming presence to our big day and the pictures she produces are so amazing! She captured every moment we could have wanted and we look forward to being able to look back on all of those memories.

Sarah N.

Elope in Seattle.jpg

"Cassandra is simply amazing. She is not only easy and fun to work with, she is a natural at capturing light and color. We love our engagement photos and can't wait until she does our wedding!!" 

-Kelli R.


What I Believe In:


Leave No Trace

There are so many magical places the world has to offer, and we should treat them well so everyone has the opportunity to see them in their best natural state. I practice Leave No Trace and I ask that my clients abide by these principles as well. It's easy to take amazing photos and still preserve the great outdoors! Starting this year I am committed to being  LNT community partner and making annual donations, that way the can continue educating everyone about ethical outdoor practices. 

Diversity Statement (1).png

Diversifying the Elopement Industry

I believe I have an impact on the world and making it a better place - even as an adventure elopement photographer! I think my small business can affect the wedding community, the environment, and the world. Right now, an important goal is to help in diversifying the wedding industry. That way, everyone is represented, regardless of skin color, religion, culture, or sexual orientation.

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