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I can't wait to be your associate photographer!

Well HELLO there! I'm Cassandra (or you can call me Casi). I'm a Colorado elopement and wedding photographer based out of Arvada. That's me in the photo to the right at the Chatfield Farms with an unnecessary amount of gear, doing my thing. Here's what you need to know about me:

  1. I have been practicing photography for 10 years, and professionally doing it for 4 years. 

  2. This is my fulltime job.

  3. I'm brand agnostic. I'm comfortable with shooting both Sony or Canon for both video and photography. 

  4. I can shoot for any style, even though my work tends to be bright and vibrant. I love moody and light and airy as well. 

  5. I have a college degree in Fine Arts, with an emphasis on photography (surprise). 

  6. I am a videographer as well!

  7. My favorite focal lengths are 35mm and 135mm. 

  8. I'm upbeat, happy, excited, and I crack awful jokes. (The jokes are free, I don't charge you for those). 

Million Dollar Highway-00516.jpg

Colorado Photographer and Videographers I've worked for:

Associate Photography:

Honey Bee/Courtney Bundy Photography

Leilanily Photography

Have and To Hold Photography

Associate Videography:

Whitney Milton Films

Eye Candy Productions

Have and To Hold Photography

Katogenic Photography

Photo Editing Services:

Andrea Flanagan Photography
Jack Ludlam Fine Art Photography

Note: While my personal style is bright and vibrant, I'm happy to adjust to a different aesthetic to match yours. For instance, the photos to the right are for Leilanily, who's style is light and airy. 

Colorado Associate Photographer.jpg
Colorado Associate Photographer.jpg
Colorado Associate Photographer.jpg
Colorado Associate Photographer.jpg

Lighting, Style, and Skill:

Nicole W 3  Cassandra Vagher
Brooke Senior Photos Cassandra Vagher Cr

I'm fully equipped and knowledgeable of OCF and HSS. I can create flattering even lighting (right bottom), dramatic moody lighting (top left). I am happy to set up lighting and shoot with your style in mind!

Top Left Photo:
Two light OCF setup, one from behind the backdrop and one to camera right. Added fog for effect. Sony 85mm 1.8 lens. 

Top Right Photo:
One light OCF with a small softbox camera left using HSS. Sony 35mm 1.8 lens. 

Bottom Right Photo:

Two lights OCF setup, both lights bouncing off the white ceiling using HSS to expose for the outside. Sony 135mm 1.4 lens.

Brooke Senior Photos Cassandra Vagher Cr

My Gear

My gear associate photographer-5765.jpg

What gear is in my bag:
Sony A7III

Sony 35mm 1.8

Sigma 50mm 1.8

Two Godox V860iis

Godox Trigger

Two softboxes


DJI Ronin S (for video)

Savage 19" ring light (video)

Savage small circle light (video)

What I rent for weddings:
Sony 135mm or 70-200mm

Prophoto strobes

(or canon gear if preferred)

What will be new to kit this month:

AD 200

My Videography

I love video! I generally use Sony with a DJI Ronin S to create my films. Hang tight for highlight reels from weddings. 

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